Post your screenshots! (Explosive ones ;D)

i just want to see everyone’s screenshot taking skills… it’s not a contest, mind you! :wink: here’s mine. i call it: WTF – BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! … 18503.png/

This game totally needs a screenshot button. Yes, I can use the built in desktop screenshot one, but sometimes I like to play in a window, and I am too lazy to crop.


this game has a screenshot button.

it’s the second symbol from the bottom right of your minimap.


Hm… I just checked the date, and my wallet, and I am indeed a day late, and a dollar short.

what happened to posting screenshots? D:

“In space, no one can hear you scream.”

SCREEEEEAM!! Nice pic. :smiley:

Beautiful hell.


Sir! The quadromalenergetic reactor has been hit!

Need I say more?

not really… xD

Giygas Tribute! … 15445.png/

Your technological and biological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile? :smiley:

PLEASE tell me the lightning and extra length is a side effect of warping… … 19441.png/

um… can someone get a turret count of that ship to the left…? … 10320.png/

Let’s get gratuitous! :smiley:



Gratuitous Phalanx:

who will win… the united fleet, or the katuri?!

Woah, a Realspace mod? Gotta check that out.

heh heh heh. here’s the files for ALL of them:

the .txt files:

and the bitmaps:

although a warning: very unbalanced. i just put them all in the federation, mind you!

BTW this is only the hulls. not the bitmaps for the turrets.

They look terrific. Can I Reproduced them to the Chinese forum?

Hey Hybrinoid :smiley: I am ridgeracerplayer over in youtube. :wink: So I made the united fleet into a separate race! Now all I have to do is editing all the slots, man that is going to be a pain.