Princess Maker

The game Kudos basically is a lot like an English version of the RPG Princess Maker, though the person is older and can be male or female.

The company that makes the Princess Maker games, truly hate making a profit or gaining customers because they refuse to translate their game into English or any other language. They spend all that money on development but won’t spend a small amount to relates. Tons of people want to buy that RPG and some even tried learning Japanese to play newer versions, but the company who made it despite it all just must hate making a profit or getting any new customers. I have the old Princess Maker 2 English version which was a fan made and it was a good RPG, though some stats didn’t make sense.

Kudos and 2 are what people are looking for when they want a game like that. As for The Sims, I never considered them a good RPG simulation as they just seem to do it badly and The Sims always have a setting for “bladder” and pretty much most characters can never hold it.

Have you played Cute Knight? If you liked princess maker you will love it:

it’s funny you mentioned the Pricness Maker games because i was just thinking that. :smiley:
yeah, the Kudos is a lot like it except the time settings and the trivial points you have to earn for PM like refinement and whatnot.

if you ever get your hands on princess maker 3 you’ll really like the game.

Does an English version of it exist?

I have the original Princess Maker, translated into English. It was sent to me for review along with another title, directly before the distributor folded. You might want to rethink making such broad categorical statements before you get your facts straight, you know.

not that i’m aware of, the version i have is korean (because i’m korean, heh.)

Princess Maker 1, you mean? So if they do all the work to translate it into English and only give the version to some reviewers and refuse to sell it, then it still proves what I said.

The only available princess maker game in English that someone can buy or download is version 2, and it’s a fan-modification and what was done is technically illegall as copyright infringement.

Once again, you make a broad categorical statement and ignore stated facts–despite the fact that you quote them:

“It was sent to me for review along with another title, directly before the distributor folded.”

The company that made the game prepared a full English release. It was to be published in the US, along with several other titles, but the publisher/distributor went under before that could happen. Review discs were already out of multiple games, but they consequently never showed up on store shelves. How this is the fault of the games’ developers is beyond me, as they put effort and money into the translation, and weren’t involved in the bankruptcy of their distributor. The translated game was then tied up in legal proceedings, which effectively put an end to its American distribution.