Problem with new technologies


my problem is that i am researching things and in the car menu i add the researched feature
but in the show room it says that it is not assembled.

Where is the fault?

You also have to buy the unlocked option into one of the production steps. In this case the fit light station. This station will place (fit) the new light option into the framework. Go to fit light and there you will find an upgrades tab. Hit the buy button, and it should be fixed!

ah okay.
i just thought that all stations are included in the assembly station…

It isn’t working for me.
I have upgraded the slots and marked the technologies to a design but
in the showroom it says that it isn’t assembled.

What is going wrong?

This happens to me too…curious for the reason

Hi, its worth checking these are not ‘old’ cars. Dont forget that if a tech upgrade is fairly early (like keyless entry), then the majority of cars currently on the production line are already past that point when you enable the tech. You could well be looking at cars that were already coming off the line before you even placed the upgrade.