Random Spaceship Dump

I like the long thin craft you’ve done, it’s nice and distinct from the races already in GSB.

Great designs - I really like the “battlefrigate”.

If you can design some ‘X’ -shaped ships you could play noughts-and-crosses with the Imperials.

Post the files with an alpha, (top down shot) and I can chuck them in game in a few minutes.

Any chance you can bang out a couple Gamilon ships? :smiley:

if It’s not too mutch trouble, I have compiled a list of Ships/modles I would like to include as “Freelancers” in Super Gratuitous Battles.
Please note that I do not consider you to be under ANY obligation to put any of your time into this, it’d just be nice.
All due credit will be given, as in the final releace I’ll put everything in one nice, big .zip folder, along with a list of credits (Which is sitting on my desktop already, for a number of guys around the forum have already contributid, evin if they don’t quite know it yet.
Super Gratuitous Battles can be found here: http://positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=4190
That Battlefrigate is gorgeous, so if you could inclued it , and it’s turret as a turret sprite, I would be very grateful.
I liked the look of the Battlepod, If you could, the big stiky-upy-thingy, recolored blue as a turret sprite, would be awesomeness.
Can you Please, please please! color the two barreled turrets on this robotwreckingground.com/imag … 3-1024.jpg to rebel colors and put them up? That missle-rack thing would be cool too.
This thing (robotwreckingground.com/imag … ette43.jpg) Is Bloody perfect, and it and its turret would be welcome.
Could I also get that Panzervette thing?
any of these, as is, would make me eternaly grateful:
Nice Higarren syimble there!