Read about school exams

Hello community and Cliff. Watching the episode of Mr. Bean where he takes his calculations and trigonometry exams (makes you laugh) I came up with more ideas for Democracy 4:

-Read on exams: the options bar must have

  1. From the fifth grade
  2. From the eighth grade
  3. From the upper fifth
  4. Only university and master’s exams

-Read about exam mode: the options bar must have

  1. Written and oral
  2. Written only
  3. Oral only

-Read on exam subjects: the options bar must have:

  1. All subjects
  2. Scientific and classical subjects and foreign language (s)
  3. Scientific and classical subjects
  4. Only scientific subjects
  5. Only classical subjects
  6. Only foreign language (s)

All these 3 laws I thought they should be non-removable (for example like firearms or nartotics laws) and should be in public services.

That’s all, I sincerely hope that you follow and implement these 3 laws that I think are fundamental for a state!

See you later!!!

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This could be too complex and clutter the UI.

Instead there could just be one policy dealing with all exams from trivial to very tough.

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