Release 1.24 Code Invalid

I am trying to unlock access to the online features. I just bought the game through steam, and the one key they provide is saying its invalid. I have tried it with dashes, without dashes… nothing is working.

Hi, I have the same problem… support will tell you that 99% of the time its your fault because of your firewall or that the power cord isnt plugged in and then 99% of ppl will say no it just wont work. Some ppl say you can copy-paste it in notepad but for most ppl the game wont allow Ctrl-V so you are forced to try yourself for 10 mins case lower case, dash and without dashes… come on Positech no one forces you to write your damn cd-key on a piece of paper then copy it by hand too much O0 5S 1I to make you unsure and very angry L2-2015 Positech. I personaly spent more time writting the post then playing the game im done after 5 mins too angry at the unworthy of my time registration paincess. I wont play a game that I have have to type in manualy any key cause that just never works…if you cant psate you cant register and thats it maybe you guys will nail it for GSB 3 !?

can you email me personally at cliff AT positech dot co dot uk with your serial key so I can check there is not a problem with it? I’d be surprised if that is, but I’d like to rule it out.

Checked the debug, and it looks like a digit was pushed off. Everything is functional. Thanks!

Finaly made it work took just under an hour. This is inacceptable and is why many studios (97+% of my steam game) will either not ask for your key at all or let you paste it without a problem (sometimes it add a space at the end but still WAY less aggrovating). I know its your baby and you guys want to protect it but dont go the Ubisoft way couple of years back when ppl who brought their game couldnt get past the DRM.

I’m glad you got it working. Please note this is not DRM. It is entirely optional and exists purely so people who bought the game on steam can send and receive challenges from people who played elsewhere such as GoG or the humble store or direct from us. Obviously people on GoG do not have a steam key.
We do not use DRM at all.