[Request] Missiles: Take the flare off missile decoys!

When a missile with decoys ‘splits’, the actual nasty warhead and the decoys look alike - this makes sense from a ‘the gunenrs can’t tell which is which’ perspective, but it makes missile barrages look four times as lethal as they actually are, which is really quite confusing. PLEASE drop the missile flare on decoys, or maybe consider scaling the size of flare to the missile’s warhead? (Megaton missiles = big scary glow, multi-warhead missiles small, not so scary glow.)

I’d rather keep the flares on the decoys. Looks better. Smaller flares, maybe.

I think it should be kept too. When you take on someone’s fleet, you shouldn’t know that they are using duds. On that note, something I would like to be able to see in the post game is the fleet that has been used against me. The details of weapons, shields, etc.

Though, I agree. Making a difference in scale between missile types would be nice.

You should be able to tell what missile it is by the glow, certainly.