Rogue Traders

Ladies, Gentlemen, assorted tentacled entities:

May I present for delectation and delight the very first Rogue Trader ship - the Equity class Cruiser!

Recently, the Rebels have become under increasing attacks from Federation debt collectors determined to “encourage increased speed on late repayments totaling 182 trillion Galactic Credits”. Under heavy assault already from the Empire and dozens of Swarm incursions, the Rebels had to end this war quickly. A highly important Federation supply depot was targeted for the first strike. A small fleet was sent and under the genius command of Admiral AFGNCAAP the supply depot was captured. To repair their ships, the Rebels cannibalized Federation ships and parts. Renaming themselves “The Rogue Traders” the fleet started a campaign to end the Federation attacks.

This is the first step towards something in the vague semblance of a mod. I need to:
Finish hulls for first release: 33%
Damage and wreck hulls: 0%
Learn how to do everything: 10%
Code hulls in: 0%
Test for bugs: 0%

The first release will consist of one cruiser, one frigate and one fighter. No new weapons, sounds, missions, or anything interesting. Just the ships!

this is an excellent choice for a first mod. small, simple and a clear objective of what you want. there is also lots of room to expand once you reach that objective.

if there was a subscribe button, i would click it :slight_smile:

The mod idea sounds awesome and that design looks good, however i dont like i dont like the transition between the fed nose and the rebel frontal section of the cruiser, it looks weird. I mean, i dont like how the ship turns smaller when from the middle to the front of the rebel part and then instantly gets huge when you see the fed panther nose… maybe adding more connections (those pipes) and i wonder how it would look if you recolour those pipes/connections to fed blue.
(dont sure if i’m explaining it well, lol)

Anyways, continue with this good work ^^

Interesting concept for a mod. ADD TO SHOPPING CART :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the encouragement. I’ve added some more pipework to the Equity as well as changing some other bits.

Here’s the Infinity class heavy frigate.

The Agility bomber.

Very Nice, Both the frigate and cruiser
A Small suggestion - [size=65]When you have a chance, you might want to clean up the join between the Puma nose cone and the Midgard Main hull[/size]

I hope you expand on the backstory because i want to know how the Admiral Ageless-Faceless-Gender-Neutral-Culturally-Ambiguous-Adventure-Person recieved its name.

Remember that if your needing help with the “Learn how to do everything:” part of your mod - feel free to ask any member of the Friendly Community Mod Squad.

It will be interesting to see where this mod will head after the first release
[size=65](I wonder if obscuredemon will be using music from the Rogue Traders in the mod?)[/size]

Finish hulls for first release: 90% (Cleaning up various flaws)
Damage and wreck hulls: 0%
Learn how to do everything: 25%
Code hulls in: 10%
Test for bugs: 0%

Thanks, darkstar. I’ll fix the Infinity hull at some point.

As for the music… we’ll see.

Here’s some glitchtastic screen shots. The ships are way too small and I need to fix the turrets, but I’m happy with how they look in game. And they need engine glows. Damage textures would be nice too. So would hulks…

Omg, looking awesome! :smiley:

i dont know if you have decided an engineglow colour for these ships, but i think that a whiteish blue (the same colour that is inside the fed nacelles) would look awesome on them.


This looks very interesting. Hope to see more!

A little progress.

Finish hulls for first release: 75% (Still need: sprite for agility)
Damage and wreck hulls: 33%% (Still need: sprite for agility, wrecks for all)
Learn how to do everything: 50%
Code hulls in: 20%
Test for bugs: 0%

How do I make the cruiser appear the right size in game? At the moment, it’s too small.

Change the width and height values at the top of the hull’s textfile. Make sure you use the same number for each, or you’ll stretch it.

Thanks, Archduke. Here, have a present.

That’s a spicy little pepper…best of both worlds. :wink: Thanks.

Made this, gonna include it in the first release.

The Eternity Class Heavy Cruiser.

I really like how these ships manage to seem cobbled-together but functional at the same time. It’s the sort of ship that, were this a sci-fi TV series, you would expect things inside to be constantly spitting out sparks and steam, the crew rushing around to turn cranks and hit equipment with hammers, and yet the ship always manages to put up a good showing when the chips are down. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ace.

Due to severe laziness, instead of making current ships functional, I made this. It’s not going in the mod, I just got the Parasites DLC today and wanted to mess around with it.

i love it! gahhhh i want Parasites DLC! But my uncle dont answers my calls! D:

Same here! sigh I guess we’re the only non-adult people here.

Hahahaha correction, YOU are the only non-adult person here, i’m 19 years old… the problem is that i have not credit card… damnit.