Rural Tranquility Unachievable

  • Farmers Membership > 75% for 4 turns

  • Agriculture Subsidies > 80% for 4 turns

  • Rural Development Grants > 80% for 4 turns

  • Keep The Country Tidy Campaign > 80% for 4 turns

These are the supposed requirements for completing the achievement, and I have fulfilled these as you can see in the pictures below:

I have waited well more than 4 turns, but alas, I haven’t gotten the achievement. Seeing as how other players online have managed to do it, I would assume that there is an error within the coding and that the listed requirements aren’t the actual requirements in the game itself. I’m writing this to see if it is indeed an error in the coding, or if the error is on my end. Thank you.

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I’ve played the game a lot and never come close. The urbanisation of high GDP makes it very difficult. I theorised how a ruralised high-tech nation could look in my solarpunk policy starter pack

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