Send Me your best fighters, See inside

Yep that is right I am undergoing testing of destroyer, cruiser and bigger class anti-fighter weapons. To do that I need to know what you can throw at me. You may have up to TWO cruisers that are outfitted for carrier duties ONLY!!! The Map is what ever background you like, MAXED size, pilots, and credits. There is to be NO anomaly or supply thingy this is to be a fighter/carrier raid only. I will attempt to beat it back ONLY with with my Dreadnoughts, Cruiser and Destroyers. Any of the Core Four races, and OFFICIAL expansion are welcomed. If all goes well I’ll ask for a full fleet for testing, But right now I need to dial in the anti-fighter weapons. ONLY TWO cruisers for carrier duties and as many fighters as you can muster.

Thank you for your submissions, and The best challenge will be announced on here. So get a building and send em to me. PLEASE only send me ONE (1) a day so I am not swamped and please stay tuned to here in-case I have to ask you to stop sending them in.

Thanks a bunch! And remember have fun, and be creative!

Sooo noone wishes to send you fighters at me? Mmmm this is an inconvenience as I have no other choice but to try and do what I have been. And will not be able to see if its ballanced or not. Noh?


I’ll send you my pure FT swarm fleet. Core Four and expansions only please, no modded content.
send me a PM with your contact stuff so i can send it, expect it today or tomorrow

now, reactivate lurk field!

Odd, this is inconvenient, Are you still willing to help test my modded content out some? I JUST now seen that this was posted odd seeing at it was posted a while ago >.<

Anyways lkohime if you would like to send em my way please do, I am also know as Lonestar (same caps, and name as shown) online so If you can send some fighters my way I can test out the anti-fighter weapons of my big ships.