Set Screen Resolution to 3840x2160 and Now Opening Democracy 4 Completely Shuts Down PC

Not sure if this belongs here but I’ve tried reinstalling it, I’ve deleted the game files completely and installed it from there, I’ve basically done everything I can think of as far as trying to remove all possible game files and reinstall clean but this keeps happening. IDK what else to try. I checked APPDATA and a few other hidden folders to see if I missed anything but I don’t see anything.

Democracy 3 and 3 Africa work fine for me at any resolution if that helps, and when I initially opened the game before I set my resolution it was way off screen and the screen was rendering completely messed up and large. It looked good at 1366x766 resolution too before I tried to move it back up to max resolution.

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This totally belongs here. Your issue will be shortly addressed.

This sounds like a video card issue. There is simply no other way for an app like a game to actually shut down your PC. Only a virus, or a low-level piece of software like a device driver can actually hard-crash or reboot the PC. Basically no game code can do this.
If you rename
\my documents\my games\democracy 4
and then run the game, does that fix it?