SFX Volume

Seen as I’m not getting my refund :wink: I’ll make some points when I see them.

Can we have an SFX Volume so we can tune down the sfx volume and not just the music.

“Just tune it down in windows you might say”.

Well I listen to programs running in Windows Media Player like Bottom or Men Behaving Badly while I play some games. So I don’t want to turn down my system volume as this would effect WMP as well Kudos.


What is the sound on your copy of MS media player? I know it has a built in sound adjuster

? I think you’re getting the wrong idea. In Kudos there is no option to turn down the SFX volume, so the only way would be to turn the main volume down in Windows XP. This then means EVERYTHING, including WMP’s volume will all be effected, as you’ve turned down the system volume.

This is why I’d like an option to turn down the main Kudos volume in Kudos itself.

Another point, this character needs touching up drawing wise :slight_smile: looks like my knob is hanging out :slight_smile:

Being able to mute the sound output in Kudos would be much appreciated by me, too. I like to listen to music while I play; not being able to means that I will often rather play a different game.

understood, I’ll add this an an option in the next patch, and fix that graphics problem. Im rewriting the whole graphics engine to try and make it more efficient and allow more graphical variety, so it will be a week or two.