So is everyone a sociopath?

Or just the majority of the NPC’s in the game?

From what I can see, everyone’s rather messed up. Tons of racists, stalkers, emotional abusers, users, etc…
Are there actually any “normal” people you can be friends with?

Also, are you stuck doing the away mission things where everyone dies and you become hopelessly depressed?
Can you opt out of them? Or take a career that doesn’t lead to those situations?

Try turning bigotry and away missions down when starting a new game. It has been said away missions happen when you don’t advance fast enough, though it wasn’t clear if that meant by rank or finishing aspirations or whatnot.

Is there any actual positives to away missions?

I’ve acquired funds after them, but nothing that will make up for the large hit to happiness.

My issue is that everyone I meet wants to get in my pants. So I gotta reject them and then they are mad at me. So going from full to them removing me in anger, despite lots of “Hello Friend”.

Yes, I get relationship requests from people every day. It’s stupid.
I turned you down, get the hint. Don’t ask me out every day and cause pointless relationship hits.