something I would like to see

I would like a challenge function where I can create maps and modify maps for the challenges. In the last patch or two, anomalies have actually become interesting. What I would like to see is the ability to take a map or upload a map, and then, have the ability to pick and choose amongst the different categories.
For example, have a drop down menu that allows me to specify number of pilots, max cost, and which anomalies I want effecting that map. I think that a selling point on this game is not going to be the single player. It will be the online challenge community. This ability will takes an already brilliant notion. and make it infinitely more replayable. There is some much you can do with the anomalies,and being able to choose our own would be so much fun.

I know nothing about modding. So, having this ability available to the lay would, IMO, be a lot of fun.

not only anomaly type, but amount too. 90% reduced weapon range, 200% increased armor :smiley:

lmao! absolutely!!!