The official 'Outcasts' race preview image thread!

Here are some preview images for your entertainment. I present… The Radium Class Cruiser!

You’ve got my curiosity. Seems interesting so far. Looks pretty nice, and I’m curious about their deployment capabilities.

What I can see so far suggests a very science-oriented race:
High-tech module
Hulls named after elements (with a matching circular shape)
Ship names seem to include something along the lines of “Chaos Theory” and “Little Green Men”, all terms with science-related origins.

Outcasts… a collection of those outcasted due to the radical scientific theories, perhaps?

How can you reach 22,7 kHP with only 6 ship???
3 784 a single one???
It’s as much as a Tribe ship!

I’m liking this race more and more every time I see it. This ship, with its round shape and kind of irregular componentry, puts me slightly in mind of the Millennium Falcon (only less beat-up).

What I’m possibly seeing is one of those races with hulls that get big boosts to everything (cost included).

Gallium class frigates alongside it…

They remind me of Tribe frigates.

Agreed, though the Outcasts have a much more industrial feel to their ship aesthetic. I have a feeling the tenth Great Power is going to be just as compelling as its forebears.

I’m currently experimenting with a pulsing effect for those orangey bits. Not sure if it’s a bit too retro or not. (similar to the effect the order ships have)

Pulse effects? That could be really cool.

I would think a pulse effect a bit more subtle than the Order’s would be good for the Outcast ships we’ve seen so far. Not so much “lights on and off” as “lights under this surface fading up and down”.

Nicely stated, Ace – I enthusiastically second that opinion. I believe that the Outcast lighting effect should be less intense & not as high-contrast as the Order’s famous “power reactor” effect.

Thirded. The Order’s effect quite clearly demonstrates their love of nuclear power and the fact that they don’t give a [insert expletive of choice here} about radiation. That’s not a vibe I’m getting from the Outcasts, who by the way, have a very nice looking couple of hulls there.

How about lights moving around the ship ?
As an example:

(But I would say that its impossible)


It’s look like there is some kind of glowing fan inside the ship. XD

Now that is truly awesome. And gratuitous. And awesome. :slight_smile:

The ships so far look very nice.

Fourthed, though Darkstar076’s light suggestion also looks nice.

heh, it’s funny you people mention this, because I thought the same thing yesterday, and introduced two new parameters to the ‘pulse glow’ effect, for min and max, so I could make the outcasts ships pulse less dramatically than before, so they are never entirely ‘off’ until the ship is destroyed.
In an ideal world I’d have a system where selective parts of the ships light could burn out as it took damage, but stuff like that may have to wait for GSB 2 :smiley:

This is the slightly smaller ‘strontium’ cruiser.

These ships look like flying cities to me… I think they’re already my new favorite race. I’m going to make an entire fleet that’s only defense is decoy projectors.