Two New Interests and Social Events

I’ve been a bit unhappy with the game’s focus on alcohol, since my friends and I aren’t heavy drinkers. We tend to go out for coffee or ice cream rather than beer or wine, and I wanted the game to reflect more of my real life.

I’ve also been surprised at how expensive it is to go out at all. My friends and I do a lot of cheap things together, and going out for coffee or ice cream tends to be pretty cheap.

So, I’ve added two new food-related interests: coffee and ice cream. To go along with those, I’ve added two new social events: Go out for coffee and Go out for ice cream. Both of those have conversation as one of the interests they fill, since my friends and I tend to chatter up a storm while having our coffee or ice cream. Both of these events cost single-digit amounts of money. (My game is in dollars – I wish it were in pounds – so the prices are cheaper for games in dollars than for games in pounds, but they should still be cheaper than most activities. And of course, you can edit them to your heart’s content.)

Let me know if you have any trouble with these, but I tested them in my game, and they worked fine for me.

Put the following in your interests.csv folder:

#,ice cream,Ice Cream,0.5,food

Put the following in your social_events.csv folder:

#,COFFEE,coffee,Coffee in a coffeeshop,Enjoy a tall latte at your local coffeeshop.,coffee,data/sounds/wine.ogg,"_random,1.0",How about going out for some coffee?,0,5,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,“coffee,1.0”,“food,0.5”,“conversation,0.5”,#,“stress,-0.1,0.3”,“confidence,0.05,0.4”,“weight,0.03,0.97”,“boredom,-0.25,0.5”,#,"_energy,0.1",
#,ICE CREAM,ice cream,Go out for ice cream,“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”,ice cream,data/sounds/wine.ogg,"_random,1.0",“Hey, wanna go out for ice cream?”,0,7,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,“ice cream,1.0”,“food,0.5”,“conversation,0.5”,#,“stress,-0.1,0.3”,“weight,0.03,0.97”,“boredom,-0.25,0.5”,#,"_energy,0.08",

Great ideas Cory. I love finding new stuff for ideas. I’m not big on alcohol myself, so was a bit upset that some activities raised your alcohol. I mean, like candlelight dinner at home got me drunk, and I was like WTF? I love your ideas. keep them coming.

I was wondering about the $ / £ thing too. Is that hardcoded cliff, or is it a setting somewhere? If it is hard coded, I think it would be nice to be able to change the currency in say the config.txt I mean, because it’s just a value. Sure, the prices might seem a bit odd, but, it is a game. but seeing your “home” currency, does make it a bit more personal.

When I first got the game it was all in $. But then I realized that refliexive games had like the original version and has no plans on updating it. So I had to fork out more cash for this version.

Boy did I have a talk with them… lol. I’ve been a long time subscriber to them and real arcade. Both got a piece of my mind about updating games. Noe I just use them as a “try before you buy” site, then go hunt down the publishers website. LoL

Anyway, once again, thanks for the cool ideas Cory. Love your tag too!
Middle-aged professional woman still plays computer games. Film at 11. [/size]

My ex-gf was a huge gamer. She was the one who got me into gaming. LoL She would constantly get joked on about being 30-something and still playing computer games.

smile Thanks, Anthony; I appreciate your comments! And I’m glad your girlfriend converted you to the Dark Side. :slight_smile: