UI Change - Ship Inspector Window

This suggestion is purely cosmetic.

If you have a ship with more than 20 modules, The Ship Inspector Window can not contain them all so it will overflow of the bottom of the screen. Would it be possible, to add a scroll bar / button / etc, so you can see the rest of the modules on your uber battle wagon ?


I second this feature, please add it in much thanks Cliffski.

unless it take too much time away from your Campain mode testing and making that is.

Lone Starr

Please review this proposal, Cliffski. The proposed change would make it possible for me to begin creating dreadnaught-sized cruisers again.

This Would be Very Good to have, as Ive Made Fighters That Have More Than 20 Modules/Hardpoint

This would be mostly for modders right? Because I’m not sure that there are any hulls that can have more then 20 moduals.

yep, the stock ships cap at the praetorian with 15 slot + 5 hardpoints…

At the moment, this suggestion is really only for modders that create “uber battle wagons” that have more than 20 slots :slight_smile:

But you never know - after the campaign is released, Cliffski might create a Hull pack of GSB Super Cap ships which have more than 20 slots ?