Unlock all machines & explorations

There is a “fullUnlock” item in the scenarios.dat file, however it doesn’t seem to be activated (for me anyway). All other scenarios listed in the file show in-game for me.

A 'workaround" for those wanting to experiment w/ the game and all possible machines and ingredients is to modify the scenarios.dat file
and to add all items to the “startingResearch”: line under any scenario.

As an example, for scenario “id”:“beginner”, the following could be appended to “startingResearch” to unlock everything


Also the disabled entry should be empty ( “disabledResearch”:[], )

Disclaimer on backing up file, changing permissions, etc. If you don’t know how to do that, probably shouldn’t play with this idea.

Obviously some may consider this “cheating” and IMO it definitely is if one were to use it to “beat” the AI. I used it to experiment w/ new machines, etc.

Above post doesn’t actually unlock all ingredients, just unlocks the “exploration” areas (desert, ocean, etc.).

To unlock all 22 ingredients (really 22 plant/insect/animal possibilities) from the start, the starting ingredient could be set to 22 ( “startingIngredients”:22,)
and the “ingredients” for all 4 areas modified for max # available in each.
and continue for other 3 w/ appropriate project size (which is # explorers needed)
{“type”:“desert”,“n”:6,“catalysts”… SNIP…,“projectSizes”:[2,2,2,2,2,2]},
{“type”:“arctic”,“n”:5,“catalysts”:… SNIP…,“projectSizes”:[3,3,3,3,3]},
{“type”:“ocean”,“n”:4,“catalysts”… SNIP…,“projectSizes”:[4,4,4,4]}
can play w/ # catalysts and side effects as needed to get all possible.

Alternatively, to show all possible explorable plant/animal/insects but not find ingredients yet, do the above but leave start ingredient at 0:

The new “custom games” coming in the next patch (hopefully Wednesday 29th July) may allow some of the above to be done via interface.

The gif in the 22 July blog goes a bit fast, but I think I saw “Number Of Ingredients” which may be the ingredients you start with or it may be the total # of ingredients to be “explored”.

There is a “Locations Included” (and has “Up to Ocean” in the example) but that doesn’t mean they are unlocked yet.

Also see “Disabled Research”, but didn’t see a “Starting Research”, so it seems one could remove certain machines but I don’t see a way to include any machines at start (which is a bit odd, as many challenges do just that).

This is not quite correct… “roomToManeuver” is an additional scenario that doesn’t show plus I just noticed lines 378 to 464 (containing those 2 scenarios)
are commented out in the “scenarios.dat” file.

Both have entries in the “strings-en.data” but I don’t think it is as simple as uncommenting them in “scenarios.dat” to enable them