Updated to 1.14 Changes and highlights.

As before, you need to redownload the installer at the moment to get the game. if you cannot find your download email, you can resend it here:


This should fix all those 'wrong building zone errors, and make the editor much easier to use, for those who wish to experiment. obviously the GUI for it is very placeholder and will get a full revamp in the future.

Artwork for these is placeholder, and more will come as more featrues get added, so these are just a first-pass at the initial achievements system :smiley:

This means less clicking and was much discussed and debated. hopefully people prefer this version!

will be useful when we have multiple car models, so you can see which model is going up in popularity and vice versa…

Thats this new screen, which I think will be useful to help[ decide which components you should concentrate on researching local production of.

Hopefully you all like this patch. There may be problems loading old save games. I need to do a proper re-jigging of the save game code at some point. Sorry if the new version breaks your old saves :(.
This version has a new poll on the main menu, so don’t forget to vote!

Absolutely great game and nice design. I really love it and it will be better and better day by day! :wink:

I would have a short question: How can I pause eg. only painting without to remove a piece of conveyor belt before that?
I mean all other units should work further except painting unit. Would it be possible to create eg. a “pause production button” on each units?

Thank you in advance!

Anyway, keep up the great work!! :wink: