Updated today to build 1.57


Hi, a small list of mostly UI improvements and bug fixes this time. Some more content hopefully coming in the next patch after this one. Don’t forget to vote on your priorities!


[version 1.57]

  1. [Bug] Vehicle design screen now correctly re-calculates the price and profit etc whenever an option is toggled.
  2. [GUI] Supply stockpile window now greys out text and adds a new tooltip to show when import priorities are not researched.
  3. [GUI] Improved car-price setting GUI.
  4. [Bug] Fixed bug where AI research could stop updating.
  5. [Bug] Fix for a faulty ‘not connected to resource network’ error when a slot needed a resource that was being produced by a connected and upgraded manufacturing slot.
  6. [GUI] Percentages now shown in vehicle pricing screen plus gross profit highlighted.
  7. [GUI] Notices informing you of resources not being connected now show the unconnected resource icons.
  8. [GUI] Icon for computerised and expedited sales techs now show the export slot.