Updating problem

Hi all!
I’ve got a problem to update my version. I s currently 1.8 and it doesen’t update if a click it on the online option.
Any suggestion?

Stupid Question #1 - Are you connected to the internet when you’re clicking the upgrade button? (I’ve done this myself…and felt like a real idiot afterward!)

Did you purchase the game direct from Positech, or did you buy it through Stardock Central and Impulse? If you went through Impulse, you may have some issues upgrading your game using the in-game update instead of the Impulse update.

the game doesn’t update the exe (actual game code) itself, that’s very problematic. It just grabs any new official policies or addons. The game is patched by downloaded patches, or by re-downloading the whole game.

Sorry for my stupid question, but where i can found the download of the patches?

I’vve downloaded from Positech.
Yes i’m always connect to tehe internet:P