I’m a heavy player of GSB, and monday afternoon once i’m done with classes for the quarter, I want to burn through the new campaign maps.

To do this, i need to update. I have GSB and the expansions from STEAM, and got conquest directly. I need to figure out how to force the steam version to look at the GSB server for updates, not the steam site. This should be technically possible, and it if isn’t I’d like to find someone who can share the patch files with me so i can manually update. Anyone feel like helping out?

As far as I know, the steam version still checks the GSB site for updates, its’ just that the update won’t happen if steam has already updated it in the meantime. In any case, the steam copy is now up to date, and if your copy of the campaign isn’t, just redownlaod the whole campaign instalelr and re-run it. That’s the simplest way.

heh, i’d figured something along those lines out.
But i’ve seen/heard on here/had it happen where the steam version lags behind the updates you post for a few weeks.