USSN (mod) 0.07 released! (Rebuiding)

this mod is undergoing reconstruction and the old mod (0.07) is no longer supported.

here is the old unsupported mod
alpha 0.07:

All of the old USSN sketchup models can be downloaded here you will need the latest version of google sketchup which can be downloded here


november 12th 2053- humanity is launching the shuttle that is going to take 200 scientists, soldiers, miners, specialised astronauts and diplomats to colonise mars. they have several objectives, the first being setting up several HAD´s (habitable atmosphere dome) and looking for material.

february 2nd 2054- the colonists have arrived on mars, they landed in the Valles Marineris and are setting up the first module. one of the scientists that is measuring atmosphere picks up an unknown signal. it stops before it can be recorded…

january 1st 2061- the mars colony is expanding and more people are coming to live on mars, including civilians. the mining project has begun and they are finding alot of new material buried 200 feet below the surface.

march 16th 2061- during a regular patrol, a soldier picks up the strange signal again. this time he managed to record a bit of it.

april 4th 2062- the signal have appeared and dissapeared several times. the scientists have been unsuccsesful to figure out where it comes from

may 3rd 2062- an expedition to the crater of Hellas Platina has been lanched. the objective of this mission is to digg for more new material. the scientists have developed a new type of glass that is as strong as diamonds. this new material will be used on future spacecraft and they are experimenting with heated beams that can melt steal.2

may 21st 2062- the expedition team arrives at Hellas Platina. it doesnt take them long to set up the mining camp. once they are done they pick up that strange signal again. this time stronger then ever before. as usual the signal dissapears rather fast.

the story will continue to develop as i develop the mod.

if there were any spelling or grammar error, please inform me :wink:

cool,another modder i can pester to work faster :stuck_out_tongue:
i do advise you to post here more often tho,the amount of feedback you can get here is astonishing,and im sure several people would be willing to advise you with any possible problems you might run into

alright, so i just got an idea.
how about making bigger and heavier fighters and call them gunships. they would act as fighters, but they are heavier, have more slots and can carry heavier weapons.

what do you think of this idea?

I did that but called them Corvettes, 4 standard slots and 4 weapon slots, 16 of theses high powered babys and rip though just about anything. Well in my testing they were able too. I might dig around and see if I can pull up my Covette’s, Destroyers, and Super-Cruiser mod once more.

Corvette is 4 standard, and four weapon slots fighter, half the size of a frigate. They had a crew needed shield and power genarator, engine, and weapons. Mostly only one crew member each, and an 6 to 10 crew modules.

Destroyer is a (lost infomation for them) but i think I’ll make then a 6 standard, 6 weapon slot, mabye 1 and 1/2 bigger than the current Frigates.

Super-cruisers are massive cruisers with the same amount of hardpoaints as the cruiser they are moddled after just 1 and 11/2 times biger, and carryed biger weapons onboard it. In my rewrite of them they will most likly start off as UNMODDED with super-cruiser items. And have no way to add other non-weapon supder cruiser items on it. that way it can limit how many armor, shileds, repair, power, and engines ect are on it. And allows the player to change out the weapons of the ship but still mantaining the powergrid of the ship. As with preventing people from placing super-cruiser items on standard cruisers, unless the pile on non-super powergenarators.

i dont have the knowledge or the skills to use programs like lightwave and such.

as for the gunships i think i will do something in between of fighters and your corvettes, like the gunships from star wars clone wars.
like 2-3 weapons and 2-3 hardpoints and make them smaller, faster and easier to destroy

EDIT: i am creating the race right now and in the .txt file i found a line :guiid = 5
i just wonder what this is, i get everything else

I’m not sure, but more than likely the guiid lists where on the list the race appears when you are changing your race. If you want it on the top of the list, you would select a low guiid (Graphical User Interface IDentification number), whereas if you want it to appear lower on the list you would give it a higher number.

That’s how most of these guiid numbers work.

This way, if you’re making a mod with many races, you can keep them all together.

Your right Cetiah Nova - it affects the race selection menu and if you have locked the race, where it appears in the Fleet HQ race unlock screen:

EDIT: i am creating the race right now and in the .txt file i found a line :guiid = 5
i just wonder what this is, i get everything else[/quote]
Be careful not to replace any guiid of the original races, and if u are planning to include more mods on your GSB installation, just put a guiid with high numbers so watever u mod install, u will never replace any of em.

alright i changed the guiid to 20 just to make shure it wont replace any of the races.

now im working on the turrets and i just wonder if there is a way to make the race only have custom modules and turrets. i mean none of the original

alright i have the race in and gsb recoggnise it and you can select it and such

but whenever i edit any of the ships the game crashes :S

im upploading everything i have done so that anyone who wants can try and help me get it to work

its still being authed so you might not be able to download it yet

yea i would love to have some help with more ships!

more ships = more customability (spelling?) = more different battles = more fun = everybody happyface :smiley:

i’m not sure whats wrong with these two mod files of mine.

name = “USSN”
guiname = “USSN”
logo = “USSN.jpg”
debrisstartuv = 96
debrisenduv = 128
escapepodid = 1
shield = “”
description = “”
repairbotid = 0
contrailid = 3
music = federation_battle.ogg
shieldcollapseuv = 0
defaultnames =
guiid = 20
lockable = 0
unlockcost = 0
unlock_texture = “USSN”

turret_auto_v1 =,,0
turret_auto_v2 =,,0
turret_auto_v3 =,,0
turret_auto_v4 =,,0
turret_auto_v5 =,,0
turret_auto_v6 =,,0
turret_bull_v1 =,,1
turret_bull_v2 =,,1
turret_bull_v3 =,,1
turret_bull_v4 =,,1
turret_las_v1 =,,2
turret_las_v2 =,,2
turret_las_v3 =,,2
turret_las_v4 =,,2
turret_las_v5 =,,2
turret_miss_v1 =,,3
turret_miss_v2 =,,3
turret_miss_v3 =,,3
turret_miss_v4 =,,3
turret_miss_v5 =,,3
turret_pd_v1 =,,4
turret_pd_v2 =,,4
tractor_turret_v1 =,,4
tractor_turret_v1 =,,4
turrt_plasma_v1 =,,4
turrt_plasma_v2 =,,4
turrt_plasma_v3 =,,4
turrt_plasma_v4 =,,4
turret_ecm_v1 =,,4
USSN_turret_rail =,,5

0 = “”

0 = “”

0 = “”[/code]

EDIT: here is the text file for one of the ships

classname = frigate
name = FUSSN Corvette hull
guiname = USSN Corvette Hull
sprite = USSN
damagetexture = USSN
hulktexture = USSN
width = 70
height = 70
powerproduced = 10
cost = 120
racename = USSN
unlockcost = 0
lockable = 0



0 = 95,255,10,25,“”,“engine_debris”,0,1.0
1 = 160,255,10,25,“”,“engine_debris”,0,1.0

0 = 128.00,183.00,0,1,120.00,175.00,132.00,193.00
1 = 95.00,128.00,0,1,89.00,169.00,101.00,195.00
2 = 94.00,231.00,0,1,89.00,216.00,98.00,244.00
3 = 160.00,194.00,0,1,159.00,182.00,169.00,213.00
4 = 128.00,39.00,0,1,110.00,24.00,135.00,59.00
5 = 127.00,70.00,0,1,119.00,61.00,135.00,79.00

0 = 128.00,12.00,TURRET,
1 = 128.00,85.00,STANDARD,
2 = 128.00,120.00,STANDARD,
3 = 128.00,150.00,TURRET,(114.00-134.00),(140.00-134.00),
4 = 94.00,240.00,STANDARD,
5 = 159.00,240.00,STANDARD,
6 = 128.00,190.00,STANDARD,
9 = 94.00,168.00,STANDARD,
10 = 159.00,168.00,STANDARD,

0 = 0,128,64,EXP_FRIGATE
2 = 270,128,128,EXP_FRIGATEDEBRIS
3 = 200,128,157,EXP_FRIGATEBREAKUP
4 = 200,128,157,EXP_PLUMES
5 = 200,128,157,EXP_BLASTGLARE

0 = 155,318,357,510,(emit-269-340-hulk_emmiter),(emit-244-340-hulk_emmiter),(emit-217-437-hulk_emmiter),(emit-297-408-hulk_emmiter),(emit-305-454-hulk_smoke_emmiter),
1 = 105,96,404,303,(emit-165-165-hulk_emmiter),(emit-205-179-hulk_emmiter),(emit-178-231-hulk_emmiter),(emit-237-279-hulk_emmiter),(emit-291-188-hulk_emmiter),(emit-338-175-hulk_emmiter),(emit-333-256-hulk_emmiter),(emit-313-276-hulk_emmiter),(emit-323-276-hulk_smoke_emmiter),(emit-234-180-hulk_smoke_emmiter),(emit-343-183-hulk_smoke_emmiter),
2 = 203,2,303,85,


I’m not seeing anything wrong with any of those files :confused:

Have you checked if all the sprites are in the correct folders? (inside bitmaps and then turret sprites inside turrets fodler, etc.)

EDIT: Go to your gsb saved data folder and put up the errors.txt file inside the debug folder.

I dont think this is the problem but… have u tried to put the race = “USSN” parameter between comas on the ship file?

btw, dont u have the link to the mod so i can check wats wrong?

Oh damn, I’m really blind.
Change this line (race file)

defaultnames = 

with something like

defaultnames = warships

You should never leave stuff in blank when modding. It’s better leaving copy&paste placeholders.

yes i tried that but it didnt work.

as for the link here is one to moddb but its still being authed so you wont be able to see it :S

if you know anywhere else i can post it let me know and ill uppload it there

thanks for the tip :wink:

Hello, ponyus, and welcome to the Modding forum. I’m pleased to see another productive modder join our ranks!

Regarding file hosting: Sir Jamon is correct. Above all, I also recommend using Mediafire. Filefront is, I believe, run by gamers and meant for gamers, but they have occasional annoying issues. Megaupload is generally OK but does have some very notable glitches. At the opposite extreme, I recommend avoiding Rapidshare.

Okay, seems I need new glasses.

Fix this in the race file:

turret_plasma_v1 =,,4 turret_plasma_v2 =,,4 turret_plasma_v3 =,,4 turret_plasma_v4 =,,4

It worked for me adding the missing ‘e’ of the word turret :slight_smile: