V 1.70 Random CTD on viewing Efficiency ( Components/Features)

I have been receiving random CTD’s when viewing the Efficiency pages. When i sometimes move from viewing the Components page to view the Features Page ( the current page is highlighted in yellow ) both pages highlight in yellow and I receive a CTD. It seems as if the Components page is not closing properly and a CTD occurs . This has happened twice today. I have not yet noticed a CTD with any other page combination.

David Russon

Sorry for the inexcusably long time taken to reply ;( I am aware that a few people are experiencing it, but somehow for the life of me I just cannot get it to crash, which means there is something I am not doing which other people are that is causing it. Is there any more information you could give on what you were doing, or what had just happened? Was this switching from components to efficiency? or the other way? was there anything unusual about the game, was it freeplay? sandbox? scenario? I really want to fix this!

Thank you for replying - i did not expect a personal reply . I think I clicked on the Component tab ( turned yellow ) and then clicked on the features tab which also turned yellow . Having both tabs highlighted in yellow caused the game to lock up so I had to ctl+alt+del to exit. I was playing on the smallest map in sandbox mode. I must admit it may have been my quick clicking between tabs which caused the programme to lock up . I have not managed to reproduce the problem since.and I am currently playing the same map in scenario mode with no problems.


David Russon

WOOHOO I’ve fixed this, checking it in hopefully tonight :smiley: