[Version 0.3]Pre-Assembly line Video!

Hello all!

NEW UPDATE will be added 22/2-17
Update 20/2-2017: s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fi … 4120564965
adds to: C:\Program Files\Production Line\data\simulation or [gamedir]\Production Line\data\simulation
Just overwrite the existing files and play

Video: youtu.be/F64GT1m-FsI

So i managed to add pre assembly on seats and engines to the game.

Right now there are some placeholder grafix but im planning to add my own just for show.

New process is created and it now looks like this.

It works fine.

New resources are:
Seat Frame
Seat Frame with Foam
Electric Engine

in addtion to that
Seats are now manufactured as:
2,Seat with Airbag
3,Seat with Airbag and heating
4,Seat with Airbag and heating + Leather
5,Seat with Airbag and heating + Leather + Power

Each are built in stand alone final assembly station.

At the production line you will update as ususal and it will update the required seat specifications.
and you are then paied accordingly.

Engines are now added to a subassebly station, the engine is then loaded in to the actual assembly station.

The base price of a complete engine is 1000$ so its the most expensive part used in the cars.
However it can be produced at about 1/4th of that price if you build it yourself.
The base engine will not increase price on the car, however the base engine gives you ability to research turbo and this adds 600$ to the sold car price. (Turbo is bought at 222$) so it gives you a good kickback

Later next step is electric engines.
They are expensive to buy @ 2000$ and a battery at 1000$
however the engine can be built onsite for about 1/6th of that price. the battery is bought and cant be made.

Right now, due to the fact you cant remove tech based on added tech, the electric vehicle tech will give you both turbo and electric vehicle boost (total of 4600$), its purely due to limitations in the game as such.

here is a video (same that is ontop)

Video without my beutiful voice :wink: youtu.be/ZJ69riodSFg

Do you have a download file for the mod?

s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fi … 2172213963
adds to: C:\Program Files\Production Line\data\simulation or [gamedir]\Production Line\data\simulation
Just overwrite the existing files and play

[Update]: so i tried to move the options part of the game to the actual manufacturing area. in this case the “Make seat part 1” i added “Passager and Driver airbag”, but it seems the game does not keep track of the part going out from the module.

A seat is always a seat even if it has been refined.

example in my case: (please note there are some placeholder names)
1 seat frame is refined to Seat_1
[option to add airbag] adds +1 Airbag
Seat_1 + Foam = Seat_2
Seat_2 + Leather = Seat

however, since the output still is a “Seat” the game treats the “Seat” as a non option value, either its 1 or 0 cant be 2.

so refinement steps would require
1 seat frame + Airbag = Seat_1_a
Seat_1/Seat_1_a + Foam = Seat_2/Seat_2_a
Seat_2/Seat_2_a + Leather = Seat / Seat_a

(The _a = airbag update done)

Same would go for the engines where you would be able to make engine mods (turbo, diesel, 4-5-6-8 cyl etc)
But for this to work and the game not to expload from overloading the resources and processing, it would require an “option” load for the actually assembly

Car comes to the assembly station, the game would take either a Seat or a Seat_a depending on whats avalible.

So far i cant find this in the textfiles.

seat = 2”
would have to be
seat = 2 or Seat_a = 2”

so give the game an option to pick either 2 of Seat or 2 of Seat_a.

this would then have to change the specs of the process once the implementation is done.
in this case you would have upgraded the seat assembly to fit the airbag, the “upgrade” option of the airbag would have to modify the seat assembly output according below. however i am not sure if it would add 2 seat_a to the output instead of change the output to seat_a

name = feature_driver_airbag

airbag = 1

seat_a = 2

will you also upload your paint optimization one as well that looked, killer



Ok, forget I said anything opened my mouth too soon before loading the game. you did include it now just to implement it on an existing save game.

Ok one additional item I went into the game files and added a foam resource “changed the color to a more foam color instead of the rubber item”

I included the changed files with a readme on the process please let me know if I need to change anything First try at changing game files


Changed color in file to white

Foam.zip (11.8 KB)

Nice! Could you make the foam white?

PM me and we can work together (i dont have Photoshop)

Hello all.

New update.

As of next version that i will post shortly the system is changed.

So, i duplicated the update and made it free (Dollar wise), the research points are still there.

For seat manufacturing it will look like this.

The updates are linear so that once you updated the “expensive” research to add airbag, then you will be able to add the airbag fitted seat on the assembly line for the vehicle.

However you are not able to produce these seats unless you research the same tech (Seat + Airbag manufacturing, 1 resarch point) its almost free but once you have done it you will unlock “Seat assembly 3 + airbag” this enables you to produce the seats with airbag (the airbag are then fitted at the seats line and does not impact you production time online)

The next step would enable you to build seats with Airbag and heating (new final assembly module)
Next would be Airbag + heat + leather
and the last one would be airbag + heat + leather + power

Each update has its own final assembly station on the seats line, this to simulate the cost of upgrades to the line and it adds more resource needs to the final assembly (also adds to the time it takes to build the seat).

However on the seat fitting station you will simply chose to upgrade the module with each new level avalible to you.
I am currently unsure if its so that you can pick random updates or not, bug testing is not done.

New grafix has been added to show the seat in diffrent variants so you can follow the enrichemnt of the seats.

new update includes engine assembly.

check out this video to find out more

I really (!) like your modding and thinking about writing a small modding tutorial myself, because I think more people shut put their ideas into the game. Perhaps Cliff will even pick up some of those ideas.

I especially like your new approach to the engine fitting as it is shown not correctly in the current “main” game.

Only (small) criticism: When you install an electric engine (with battery and such things), you won’t need/have a turbocharger anymore. I don’t know if it is possible to “deactivate” remove another upgrade.

Keep up with the good work, i really want to see more :slight_smile:

indeed. basicly i left it in due to cost. once you apply the elextric engine update you are no longer able to apply the normal engine. however the turbo upgrade cant be undone and the feature will be there even if there is no turbo part.

only way to get around this is to make a unique “fit electric engine” module that would replace the initial one.

this is not hard and can be done in 2 sec but it adds to complexity for the game, you need to make a decision to use either that module or not.

however, come to think about it the next station “fit exhaust” needs to be removed from the electric lineup and could be replaced with “fit battery”… i must change this tomorrow…

Hi Viscos

am i missing something, i have the seat download but not the engine.

is there a download file for this or has it not been released yet?

the make seats is great.


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i have this file only on a USB drive.

I have it as my personal mod ;), the development of the alpha was quicker then my updates so i figured it was of no use :).

I can send you the latest and greates, PM me your mail and i will hook you up :wink:

Hi Viscos

Many thanks will pm.

this gives me a chance to see how to mod.



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Any More Updates on the way?

would love to see what you are working on.