Version 1.08/1.09 released. Highlights and changelist

Ok, 1.08 is out now. here are the highlights:

3) Resource and production line conveyor placement tools now show a preview of the total cost.

This will make it harder for you to go bankrupt by a poorly-judged conveyor expansion, and also hopefully makes it more obvious that complex junctions cost more money to put down than a normal run where the tiles are otherwise empty.

6) Wages for different jobs are now shown as different cost items on the expenses screen.

This has allowed me to set higher salaries for the scientists, and also thus mean that the ownership cost of lots of research stations goes up.

8) New tech tree items: advanced manufacturing & manufacture steel sheets (new slot).

This is the first step in longer production chains. You can now satisfy all of your steel sheet demand in-house by importing raw steel bars and making the sheets yourself, then stamping them into door panels etc…

15) Cruise control, sunroof & panoramic upgrades now require new resources.

These resources should work, but currently have placeholder graphics, with the real component graphics coming probably next month.

18) Balance: The research points needed for some technologies has been increased.

Once you got into the game, you could afford enough research to make some of the later stage tech way too quick to research. I’ve nudge up the later numbers a bit, and may well revisit this later.

19) Placeholder GUI added for future bank loans feature.

This feature is being discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=18094

Currently it is in-game, but the loans are not available to the player (the buttons are greyed out). I’m going to put some more time into making sure this is what players want, and that the numbers make sense before adding this.

20) Improvement to T-junction detection when placing production lines.

This is still not perfect, but hopefully tons better. There are still some edge-cases where lines are side by-side and you try to join them. I think this version is certainly more usable than before!

Something I completely forgot to add to the changelist is the new factory-wide stats at the bottom of the efficiency graph:

Feedback on all the changes is most welcome. Hopefully a lot of the bugfixes in this build fix things for people who have experienced issues.

Great work, well done!

Atm I can’t take a look into the new game version. My antivirus detection software has arrested the installer:

It’s trying to say it in a funny way ‘Your file has been send to the virus laborator for interrogation. It will may confess soon …’

I don’t believe that there is anyhting to be scared about -.-
… but will have to wait for response from the AV lab.

Keep up your good work and thanks a lot for improvements and fixes :slight_smile:

EDIT: Got the response that everything is okay …

Great work on the new features but currently i’m having trouble getting the new update for some reason.

hi, in what sense? can you not see the file to download?

yes that’s correct. I cant see the file to download i have had notifications when loading the game that there is a new update but i have not had this as yet .

Hy ya’ll,

This is gonne sound silly but where do i download the update?
Only been playing for one day so pretty noob. But really enjoying it.



Ok found the small link under the download link to change the wanted version
thanks anyway


wont complete save. breaks savegame???

missing tag: out:…\src\SIM_loadGame.cpp 1276

is there a 1.08 buglist yet? :slight_smile:

To download the update, you will have to click the humblebundle link you got when you bought the game and install it again.
There is no need to uninstall the old game 1st.


Okay just to update I have managed to download and get the new update of the game. Thanks :slight_smile:

New update - okay so about 5 minuets into every game its crashing I cant post a screen shot
but all it says is “the program has stopped working correctly”

Here are the open/fixed Bug Reports:


The load savegame issue is already known… some people have reported it already.

Heads up, people…

There was a major bug related to loading savegames in initial 1.08 which prompted Cliff to make a rapid Bugfix. He called the Installer 1.08a now. But it actually installs 1.09. So don’t wonder about the discrepancy.

1.09 is the same as 1.08a which is the same as 1.08 just with the bugfix for the savegame issue.

I installed 108a and still getting the error.


You wont get this error if you clear out the save file folder.

Also fun fact if you change the version number on all your save files they will load properly without the bug popping up. Weird.

Yeah, the old 1.07 savegames may or may be incompatible with 1.08a/1.09…

Anyways it would probably be best if one clears the savegame folder of 1.07 or older savegame files and starts over fresh… the 1.08 update brought some changes that cleared some weird stuff related to the Resource Pending Bug… that caused the game to crash because of accumulating dead weight in the savegame that leaked over from other maps due not freeing the memory correctly when going back to the main menu or something like that.


how do you update the game, as i haven’t updated since i got it and i haven’t really played for that long


RE: Thank you i have updated it now

Go to the Humble Bundle download link you received, download the new installer, and then run the installer. It will update the game.

so um… 1.09.

just checked - my installed code is PLInstaller108a - does that imply 1.09 ?

Hi flAzer,

yeah, the installer is named 1.08a but the menu shows 1.09.

Kind regards