Version 1.18 released!

1.18 highlights are on the blog: … candidate/

Looks very exciterizing. When it does go on Steam, will we get keys or something so those of us who’ve already bought it can play it through Steam?

Lovely stuff! Not sure if this is the wrong place to put it, but I seem to have issues with things like servo manufacture where I get a lot messages about no export slots available, meaning my machines are using the servos i’m creating, which is odd, because those same machines complain about a lack of servos. Is this something I am missing, or something that will get worked on later?

a vast improvement on the last build though, especially in the research part :smiley:

the slots which produce stuff like servos will, by default, yes put them in their output bay. If the slots using servos are closer to import lots than those manufacturing slots, those ‘locally’ produced servos will never get used. (You can ensure this is not done if you research the appropriate tech and set it up for that slot).
Some slots that manufacture stuff do so very quickly, and unless you have multiple lines, they wont get used quick enough, so the output bay will fill up. Of course, you can use supply stockpiles to act as an interim storage area :smiley: