Hey bought the game after playing the demo… really enjoying it and like the fact that content can be added to it… hopefully you will support it so that it constantly offers a new experience when you play.

There is one suggestiong I’d like to make though… weekends seem completely pointless. You can do the same things as on a weekday but cannot generate an income. Perhaps you should adapt things so that you can maybe perform two or three leisure activities on the weekends so that you can develop social networks/skills/catch up on the cleaning and then relax. Current system seems a bit odd.

If it was me I’d split the days into three parts morning/afternoon/evening. Work days take the morning & afternoon and allow evening for social activities. Weekends allow you all three time slots to do what you will. This would also allow for the inclusion of part-time jobs if you want to sacrifice your income levels for focusing on being a socialite etc.

Also is there an option to pull a sickie from work? Not that there would be any benefit at the moment but if it freed up a slot so you could do another activity then it would be cool.

Keep up the good work!

Yes, weekends could be expanded, its a popular request. The bonus at weekends is that you dont get any of the effects (stress, tiredness unhappiness) of work for those 2 days, so you can ‘de-stress’ and also how you feel wont affect your job prospects. So you can get blind drunk as a surgeon on a friday night and it not matter on saturday morning.

You cant pull a sickie, but thats a good idea. the closest you can get is to get an acting or music job which are all short-term, then when one ends, you can bide your time getting new work, especially if the songs or scripts are raking in the royalties :smiley: