Eve-online mod, Caldari and Gallente done


Any idea when we’ll get the next release?
Hopefully i’ll figure out how to use mods when it comes out on Mac’s from steam xD




Yay! I’m looking forward to all the GSB goodness that has a “SOON” label on it :stuck_out_tongue:


just so you get the picture,SOON™ is used to designate any time from “tomorrow” to “5 years from now”
CCP is famous for driving players crazy with that :slight_smile:


LOL he is right you know, Or I can use “Two weeks™” Made famous by Palstar and Darkspace. took them almost two years to fix something they broke in an update and they said it will take em two weeks to fix it. lol

Edit: Thunderbird is right it was a year and half to two years till they fixed it.


actually it was more like a year and a half,you might be speaking about a different bug tho :stuck_out_tongue:
yeah,spent quite some time at Darkspace too… i actually still have it installed :stuck_out_tongue:

in case ure wondering… yes,alltho it improved noticeably,its still going through rebalance cycles :slight_smile:


Good news, I’m taking off the ™ on my soon™ and might be releaseing by the end of the week a new update.

this update has the following change log:

Again I hope to have this finished and up ready to be downloaded on sunday at the latest monday nite.


"I need to make a reason as to WHY Eve-online ships have appaired. "
wormholes :stuck_out_tongue:

anxiously waiting for the release, but if i wont get my gallente freak deviants soon,ill start to bombard you with mobile car launchers :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s Severian’s department there, I just program. though i could use my crap grapics ones till he finished his nicer ones.


As Minmatar won’t be until third or fourth, we won’t be seeing 1400mm howitzers (or their big brothers, the quad 3500mm siege artillery) until then!


Are you going to add the wyvern super-carrier or electronic warfare drones and logistic ships(shield reps)?


Hey All, I’ll let the picture do the speaking.

In there You can see the capital cruiser missile, the frigate heavy missile, frigate standard missile./ I will attempt to grab a cut from EACH missile and post them together for size differance. So far the smallest is the rockets, the largest is the Citidel Torpedo.


Torpedoes are missiles now? thought they were plasma


Those missiles are downright SCARY.
Mind posting their stats?


Well they are scary looking but there stats are simlple. Besides i just made that missile design srunck it down and then overworte the missile.dds file the game uses. I think i’m going to make a upload of the new beta, and release it tonight or later sunday. Then you can SEE these missiles in action.

Also I have found out how to make have a checkbox for challanges so you can post eve-online content maps and people WITHOUT the mod WILL NOT be able to play the map. So it will stop game crashes that happen with challenges with modded content they the player downloaded does not have. If need to I will post a how to into making the so called package files to have this happen for other mods.



I love the music you putted in this Mod … what band it is?


I lost my ferox, A cynabal managed to catch me and then my isp droped my internet just long enough tha tmy ship was killed. Aw, 60 mill down the drain :frowning:

As fo rht band for th emod, I do not reamber and the muisc was ripped form Eve-online itself so i don’t know.


Ok I have uploaded the file to megaupload. I was going to try and get a mod upload spot at Moddb but i’m lazy and will work on doing that later.

Here is the updated beta, please give it some time before you try to upload due to there acceptance rules.

Snip removed link<<

If you want to host a mirror for others please send me the link and I’ll update this post as with the fist page.


ferox for 60 meg? please dont tell me that was a pvp fit :smiley:


It was a pvp Tech 2 blasterboat, with faction anti-mattar here is the killmail. I’m sure that if i was not dropped from the game due to internet I would have killed the cynabal before the palidan showed up.
eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/k … ostLoadout