Eve-online mod, Caldari and Gallente done


wow, really hope you had insurance on that!
did your capsule get out in time?


havent played in quite some time but that seems like something i definitely wouldnt want to run into unless in a pimped up ship :stuck_out_tongue:
you definitely should get your combat score up tho,buy a dozen of assault frigs or something that stupid… its cheap and AFs are incredible fun :smiley:

maybe convince your corp to go on a AF swarm run,best fun i ever had (and we had 6 ishkurs in there,messy)

i really like the missiles,especially the cruise looks like it could dock a frigate in it :stuck_out_tongue:


thats my char,im surprised its still even in the history… feel free to browse


LOL, I’m a carebear turned pvp’er

We have been in a wormhole since i joined this new corp two months ago since them I have killed more people than in my time playing since 04. We are heading out north with No-mercy (the corp) and are playing nice up there. This ship was lost in Shadow of xXDeathXx space after we got blobbed attacking there carebeer systems. I was trying to get out alone (stupid thing for me to do) But Almost made it out as the guy that got me was following me trying to grab me for four jumps. I just fucked up and he got me.


Most, if not all, of the music in EVE is composed and performed by Jón Hallur Haraldsson (aka RealX). You can download some of the other tracks in the game here.


Has anyone tried the new release?

If so what do you think of the changes new item ect ect?
I also forgot to remove a few thing like the doomsday test map >.< Bad lonestar bad bad. So my sercert is now out as with some other random junk in there.

please download try it out and sorry for the lamness that is there, Also look to the first post for the new download link.

Also I have no net at home so I’mm be having to loan a nearby wireless now and then or go to the college and use there pc’s



Is this mod dying? I have heard nothing back from the last update, Are you testing it out, ot shall i close the book and nail the nials in its coffen? Without any feedback about ballancing issuse or other I can not move on with this.


dont know about others but i just have too many things to do and i want to do all of them :smiley:
im downloading the beta right now,will let you know in a few days

would be easier if this bloody civilization didnt force me to work for 8 hours each day… sigh

first impression
-weapons should be louder ( i will always say that,even if it would deafen me as it is :smiley: (but imho they do need a boost))
-slightly overpowered,not sure where
-i love the scorp,its evil ^^
-drones kick way too much arse
-siege rail projectile looks kinda weird
-i think the rail sounds are wrong,didnt really check tho
-i love it

i only played 2 battles with example ships,but its fun :stuck_out_tongue:
im off,sleepy sleepy :stuck_out_tongue:


U right, but be aware that this is happening to me also and other people, some mods get forgotten just cuz people dont show any interest of em… u can think … (y should i continue updating this mod for the comunity if noones test it or give me their opinion and advises and praises?). I put so much hard work into my mod an its just wrong that more people arent say to me - Thank u, wel done, best mod of year, u r so good. I dont know why not more player not post that for my mod.

Well, i still didnt try this mod, but the thing is that i have 8 mods intalled and right now i dont have enough time to work in 2 mods and updating another one… (in my case) and after that sleep 4-6 hours and go to work… i will try it too, but dont expect feedback too soon ;). If no ones shows interest on this mod, just update it but dont be hurry, if it will take 6 months , it ok cuz no one cares cuz no one write anything on this post… :wink: and no one is saying nothing about getting updates on it, right?. The worst thing is that i see very much less people nowadays for this forum than a couple of months ago, and maybe only 2 people write something on 1 day… so dont expect too much feedback -.-


i think the problem is mostly shadow lurkers…
or people might be bored with challenge grinding and just waiting for the campaign release

i still play GSB, but its not the major way to spend my free time anymore… i “usually” play games with a bit more story to them,but every now and then i just simply need some action without getting burdened with the stuff around it… i think GSB basically replaced the mindless deathmatch shooter games for me :smiley:

you also have to remember that interest goes through sharp declines at times of new game releases (Fallout New Vegas lately for example)… the real fans will keep comming back tho,after the initial madness (and campaign) passes and they wont have anything better to do than spacing a couple thousand aliens for no real reason :smiley:


The lack of activity is also caused by this being a small community. In indie games it’s harder to see heavy activity every day because they aren’t noticed by the big quantities of people that only play what they buy from a retailer, and many people who buy indie games have so many of them that they can’t be at every existing forum actively participating.

I remember that at the start of the year (when I got here) there wasn’t the same level of modding activity that suddently appeared a few months ago (Steam sale + summer maybe?). Now most of the new people who appeared around summer seems to have disappeared D:

And as Thunderbird said, people are distracted by new games all the time. The fans will eventually come back and others will move to the next new game so it’s really unlikely someone will be a lot of time only playing GSB non-stop :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and some of us are busy with our lives, MC and trying to make awesome mods for GSB. I don’t have much time to balance test other mods :’(


Hey guys thanks for the responces,

I relase that threre are a lot of people out doing more and more, and now with campain in public beta I kinda seen this mod getting looked at less. When i posted asking if the mod was dying it was only me for the last four or so posts. and a few weeks to months between postes.

I reliase that N3mes1s, and SirJamon are also working on mods. It was that i had a HUGE following for a little while and they have seamed to wash away. But meh, I’ll keep working on what i have here now, and see if i get pull out the other ships of my own untill Severian-void gets back or another that can properly rip the files from withing Eve. Or i can real fast use the last 9 days of my sub and take screenies of all the ships and save them in that manner.



i dont play RL,the graphics suck,no music, no storyline to speak of, subscription is a horror and dont even get me started about the learning curve and boring tutorial… besides,enemies are overpowered and when you manage to kill them the respawn rate simply sux

yeah,you should take some screenies probably… screenies of you blowing up random noobs :stuck_out_tongue:
dont sweat it… worst case i could renew my acc and i can fly almost any T1 ship out there (limited to gallente caps and i cant do freighters or mining command ships)
i suspect severian will be back in not too distant future,so i say just focus on polishing out what you already have
AFTER you spend the rest of your eve time doing something fun :stuck_out_tongue: i think we can manage to hold on for that long


This had me rolling on the floor for like 20 minutes


LOL, and then expasion “Outdoors” blows, not to metion the one life thing kinda sucks making me keep as a good too shoe. I can not wait for when they get cloning in-game.

Currently I’m at war with three LARGE allances and they have us badly outnumbered so its going to be hard to have fun there. But i think i can use the in-game veiwer and get a picture of the ships that i need.


whats your alliance called? theres a chance im at war with you :stuck_out_tongue:


My corp Just joined “scum” Like less than two weeks ago. Or was it scum allance . . . gha i can not reamber. . . I think it is scum though.


very sorry for disappearing on you i actually am out of the country at the moment and have been for the last month. had to leave to go to my sisters wedding. i leave to go home and will be back at my computer in about a week. i am currently using a library pc to check up on some email and stuff. once i get back i will be able to keep working on the next race of ships.


Cant wait to see the gallant ships xD


i wholeheartedly disagree
the only good amarr ship is the Legion ^^
well,ok,and then the Providence/Ark… but then again those are the only two you can look at without your eyes exploding,the rest of em look like crap (brick,fridge,stick)


Amarr Ships are good ships but Gallante
ships dealt massive damage. Catylist destroyer
kick some ass with 8 slots xD