Game updated to version 1.13


fine as in fixed, with sound happening ok and no errors? I have an alternate fix if that one didn’t work.


1.12 crashes the same for me.


anyone who is available to try a replacement .exe of the game, who currently experiences the crash (and has the full version) please email me at


If that’s in answer to

then Yeah :laughing:

It’s only ver 1.12 that I’m having/had any probs with.

Should I send that email ?


Rocky, I just emailed you 1.13, which i think is the same one I emailed you earlier, (but wasn’t labelled 1.13). It should fix everything and run fine, can you let me know if it does, and if so, I’ll roll that out as the new version to everyone. basically it used software sound mixing rather than relying on creative’s buggy drivers :smiley:.


Dear Mr. Ski,
Could you please send me the aforementioned update as well? I just emailed the address posted above with this request.


Small problem … file size is only 333Kb (compared to other sizes. ie: 26Mb ) and the application didn’t start because fmodex.dll could not be found !


it’s just a replacement exe file, drop it in the installation you have, and run that. (its not a totally new installer)


I got called out just as I started trying it … as a new install ! What the hell was I was thinking or doing of ??? :blush: :blush:
And realised my stupid error as I walked out the door, but too late to try again and rectify my post !

Anyhow, seems OK up to now. Managed to get to choose a player, altho the background music stopped after about 3 mins, which hasn’t happened before, not that I noticed. And the musicianship mini game worked OK.

Gonna have a more thorough test tonite.

[u]debug.txt[/u] ----DEBUG FILE---- Clearing textured sprites END DEBUG---


I’m still having troubles with sound (ver 1.2,) except now it crashes after a certain amount of sounds have been played.

I have figured out a solution though. From Control Panel, click Sounds and Devices, then the Advanced button on the speaker tab, then the Performance tab, then set Acceleration to none. The opening song is crackly but all the other sounds seem to play o.k.


Ok, anyone still with sound problems, try redownloading. version 1.13 uses software sound mixing and should fix it.


Sweet…I can’t wait to try it when I get home from work. Its been 2 or 3 days now and I need my RL fix. Yes Cliff, you make addicting games.


1.13 is solid. No sound problems and I haven’t noticed any other bugs. Well done Cliffski and many thanks.


Oh man, that’s great news, thanks.


Yep, 1.13 is a keeper. I had no idea I was missing so much! I actually find the mini-game much easier being able to hear the sounds. The first time I heard the piano I was very happy. But then when I did it the second time and realized it was a different instrument, that was even better. I never was a drummer, so those are a little more of a challenge for me. I keep walking around singing the theme song to myself. I do have one complaint :slight_smile:. What’s up with the disco music for the rap acts? Come on Cliff, put your rapping skills to the mic! We want Lil’ Cliff!!

“just one more turn before I go to sleep…just one more…”


I’m the same. As soon as I was able to hear the sounds, the practice mini-game became very easy. I find it much easier to remember melodies than to remember strings of numbers.

I’m impressed that there’s been so many updates. In the two weeks since I bought the game there’s been five that I’ve counted. That’s bloody exceptional support. It makes the decision a lot easier when considering buying other Positech games.


Version 1.13

Web interview
the background sound used to stop when you click out of it but it seems to go on and on for a while lately. Sometimes interrupts the main background music and/or other sounds that usually get played.

Sorry, cliffski :unamused: :open_mouth:
Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water …

debug.txt = AOK :laughing:


This is the first thing I noticed… [size=75]no, the second[/size] size=59[/size]
Something I started two weeks ago:

-the sound, when you have a radio interview/web interview keeps playing after it’s over [size=75](if you stop in the middle of the sound)[/size] For a rehearsal it doesn’t, rival bands don’t work this way [size=75](in versions<=1.2 the sound would not continue after closing the related activity)[/size]

-there’s sometimes still a clickish noise when mousing over the buttons

-if you have smoke or pyro effects it distorts the sound of the gig [size=75](happened with the older versions, too - just my rubbish instrument or does anybody else get this?)[/size]

-here’s one (though I don’t remember circumstances exactly, [size=67](7/7/7 2:07PM)[/size] it prevented me from starting once… started up fine the next time:

D3DEngine Error
! Please check publishers website for tech support Details: [Problem creating Vertex Buffer]
[ OK ]

[size=150][color=darkblue]My Rubbish Instrument[/size]
Athlon 1700+ (1466MHz)
Shuttle AK32A
1GB PDP PC3200
Win XP Pro 5.1.2600
DX9.0c (
GeForce FX 5200 (128MB, 1280x1024/16bit/60Hz)
SB Live! CT4780

Direct3D 7/8/9 test results: All tests were successful.
DirectDraw test results: All tests were successful.
DirectSound test results: All tests were successful.

Aside from all suggestions/improvements this is the most remarkable thing I’ve noticed about 1.3


I’m seeing problems with the rider still. Once I get a cheap rider the band will very quickly (normally next gig or two) want the more expensive one. There doesnt seem much point in having two levels of rider as they appear to be wanted very close together. Could it perhaps be stretched out, or even 3 levels of rider, one basic of junk food, one medium (at around 150-200 fame) of steak and beer, and the last of caviar and bottled water when you hit really high fame?

Incidently if I dont have the cheap one, but have the expensive one, my band still complain about not having the cheap rider as well. Was this supposedly fixed in a previous bug?


I thought this was fixed, but possibly I haven’t fixed it in all cases?