Known Bugs (that I'm fixing now)


current bugs:

sometimes the backgrounds seem transparent (mouse drags everywhere) on machines with 16 bit color desktops

sometimes very strong relationships arent drawn as a white bar at all.

both fixed in 1.13 (in development)


Problems I have noticed thus far:

  • If you are sick in one game, quit and start another then you will be sick in the second game. I think some other states may be sticking as well.

  • I am no longer gaining IQ from reading books according to my display (stuck at ~52%), however when I apply for jobs I am able to apply for jobs with 75% IQ requirements.

  • I was unable to apply for a job with a 45% IQ requirement when my screen displayed exactly 45%.



For number three, the game rounds off numbers to the nearest integer, so you might be at 44.49% or something.


thanks I’ll look into these


Just bought the game, and I have noticed what I think is a bug, I have purchased the expensive car and when I try to change my mode of travel, it doesnt allow me to select the drive to work option.


have you learnt to drive?


Thanks Cliffski! That was the problem, perhaps you could make the button say something about the need to learn to drive, instead of just being grayed out. :slight_smile:


I’m currently playing around in the 1.13 demo and I’ve noticed that confidence is lost when re-reading old job rejections. You might want to check that that isn’t happening in the full game too.


Eeek, well spotted, I’ll get a fix done for this.


great game… except it crashes everytime i get about 1½ year into the game when trying to do a social event… that sucks :frowning:


is there an error message when this happens?


well… just this:


hmmm thats a windows error, not one of mine. Could be a video driver or sound driver issue. Do you have the latest versions of both?


sadly updating the drivers didn’t help… i also tried shutting down all the unnecessary programs and processes…


What is the social event you are trying to do?


I am getting an error at different points into the game. When I am booted out of the game the message reads Kudo error contact administrator.

I usually happens when I chose an event and click on the friend on the bottom of the list. Doen’t matter where I am in the game or how far into the game I am. It is happening more and more frequently. I have to save frequently in order to not lose my place in the game. The autosave is on, but does not save before the crash.

I purchased and installed the full game 3 days ago. And none of the patches will install. I get install failure on all of them.


hmmm. email me your order data and Ill give you a link to a full reinstall of the latest version. that should fix everything.


I just want to know if there was any way I could have my receipt with my order data sent to me just in case a problem like this should arise. I forgot to save mine when I ordered it a long time ago. My email address is


hi dont worry, I have copies of all he orders, and that has your first and last name, home address, email addy and order number. as long as you dont get serious amnesia and forget every one of those, youll always be ale to verify your order with me no problem.


Thanks. That’s a load of my mind.