[Mod] Unity v2.032 - A New Threat


Your spot on, the Viral ships are weaker than the ships they are based on. The idea is more strenght through numbers (and extra firepower) however, i feel i dont have enough ships in those various missions - however the false sense of security will serve Uni-T well in the next set of missions.

Thats good to know - hopefully the last mission will give you that epic feeling :slight_smile:
(hint to winning the last mission: Only Fools Can Win)

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is the only place i feel that the mod falls down, due to the various modules and weapons, it is possible to create the rare ultimate killer combination. One day, when i get some free time i will patch that last hole in the mod which will stop the player making that uber ship.

Thats good the know - The whole idea was to challange the player, not have the situation where their uber steamroller fleet will conqure all. The various ships / weapons were designed with a similar concept to Rock / paper / sissors . . however there are times when someone rocks up with a tactical nuke and it all goes out the window


Well, this kind of bites. It seems my FileServe account was deleted. I think the links still work, Star, but I don’t know how much longer they’ll last.

If anything, I’m looking into another filehost that isn’t freaking out about the MU takedown.


O.o Wow, that bites.
Worst case scenario if someone cant get the mod from the mirrors, then i can email it to them (gmail can easily handle the file size)


I’m looking into Uploadstation, so I’ll try to mirror there once I determine it’s okay to use.


Read it and weep, folks:
Filesonic Removes Ability To Share Files

The overall situation seems to be changing on a nearly daily basis. Finding a reliable filehost which our very international membership here (including Americans) can visit for sharing completed mod packages is now getting tricky. Now, uploaded.to no longer offers service to visitors from the US. I wonder what filehost is going to be next and echo the famous Star Wars cantina line: “Your droids – we don’t serve their kind here.” O.o


At the moment the Unity mod is safe as it is stored on Media Fire . .
(However i dont know how long that is going to last.)

It looks like you can host mods at ModDB, Since i have never used it i dont have an opinion one way or another
Does anyone have information (good or bad) about hosting mods at ModDB ?


Oh oh me me! xD

Im a really old Moddb fan and a recent user. Its REALLY easy to put a mod in moddb, also you can make a direct relation to the modded game, then everyone who knows GSB or likes it, just entering to the “Mods” sections of GSB they will be able to see your mod page, your news, vids, pics, download stuff and even give you an official review!.

I recomend to everyone who has a mod for GSB to give to it a try, its pretty easy to use and publish things, and there are so many users that you will be sharing your mod with thousands of persons ^^

Here is the GSB page:

If you click in the “Mods” button you can see the mods created by eich, ponyus and me ^^

EDIT: Also, i’ve published the Contest in my Moddb PI page, you know, to see i anyone wants to participate, and the same day that i published it, it was read 390 times hehee


Perhaps not such a small gripe. I consider that to be a substantial weakness of the suggested ModDB arrangement. I want the traffic coming here, not there.


But its unlikely to bring many active users- GSB isn’t really trending at the moment. There just isn’t enough hype about it.


All the more reason to get as many people to read the Positech forums.

The fact of the matter is the developer have moved on from GSB.

The only thing that GSB has going for it are those few diehard modders in this forum, who are donating their free time to create new content to keep the game interesting. Without the modders, there is little else for GSB. (well thats my 2 cents)


Hey, i just installed this mod but none of the unity dreadnoughts were included. Is there something i’m missing?


Check Fleet HQ - i think i locked them :slight_smile:
At that time i think my mindset was “I cant give the player all the toys straight away”


I mean they do not appear in any of the scenarios on higher difficulty levels. I also looked at the game files and didn’t see them anywhere.

I have less interest in using them than playing against them.


Strange - the dread were suppose to be mini bosses that are found in 3 different missions, with all of them appearing in the final mission “taking out the trash”

For example:
“Mission 8 - Retaliation” - you should see a Mauler

either that or i have an epic facepalm to fix. :confused:

awww, really :~(
Any particular reason ?


It looks like the dreads for uni-t prime are there, the ones for viral seem to be missing.

It’s not that they aren’t fun to use, I just like playing against them better.


Excelent - do you have any suggestions on what i could do to make them fun to use ?


Heh, same. The way I’m interpretting the Uni-T content is that they’re cosmic bogeymen come to eat (or process) your children. Thus, it’s kind of cathartic to whack them.

I also interpret them as juggernauts that almost no one can stand up to. It’s how I treat them in my story, anyway.


viral does have dreadnoughts right? I could swear I remember playing against them the last time I installed this mod.

do I need to have classic dreadnoughts installed for this to work?


[pout]I am witholding that information until you tell me how to make my dreadnauts fun ![/pout]

No, since everything about the classic dreads is changed due to Uni-T getting their nanites on them, you do not have to install the Classic Dreads. However you need to install the classic dreads if you want to survive. >:)

(lemme check the install file again)


oh no, dreadnoughts are fun to play with. I just meant that I prefer to fight against them using regular ships because I have a weird gaming style based on doing things inefficiently.