[MOD][WIP] Stargate


Work in progres -> Asgard Cruiser


Asgard Cruiser - finished.


That is truly a thing of beauty. I dig it! :slight_smile:


Thanks, i think i added too many joints, but it looks decent -_-

WIP -> Asgard Chariot Bomber


Chariot Bomber finished ->

Im trying to work on this but right now i dont have too much time and without feedback im just not putting too much effort on balance issues, so im going to avoid some testing to speed things up. But dont worry i will try to finish the Asgard at all costs, so we dont have something unfinished.


Uploaded the Asgard, enjoy!.

And this is all for now, im gonna take a rest, but i will probably come back to keep working on the Alterans.


how could i have missed a mod like this. i am loving the designs especially the goa’uld.
keep up the good work :smiley:

just how do install it tho? im new to mods


managed to get all races to work except the asgard thanks for the mod :smiley:


Problem? yesterday late i needed to upload again the wraith and the asgard because i forgot to remove a line from the txt files that was making the hulls unable to use.

Also just noticed that i completely forgot to include screenshots of the Asgard… so i will probably upload it again in a few days.


well it might be because i installed it wrong, but in the data file its just the music that is there, while the others had install.text and package files.


You probably right. Im pretty sure i forgot to include those files… i will upload it again in a few minutes just in case.

EDIT: Done, now the Asgard should work :slight_smile:


all of them work thanks.
initial reaction is that the modules are a tad overpriced, other then that im still testing them out i am loving the goa’uld (most played so far). they do seem to lack an antifighter weapon for large ships, the bomb on the fighterships could do with a range increase.
but thats just me all in all the mod is great


Thats the reason you have fighters in the goa’uld fleet. 2 of em. If you want to make a ship loaded with anti-fighter weapons, put a suquadron in escort mode in any ship and thats it :slight_smile: The Asgard dont have fighters at all, for example. Thats the reason they do have anti-fighter weapons. I tried to make every race balanced in that matter, but since there is no feedback i really will never make the mod as balanced as i wish. I know there are not too many modules or possible combinations, but there is no need to make a thousand modules and stuff. Besides, the less things you have in a mod, the better quality you can put on em and its far easer to make modifications later if needed. If i need to render again all the models, with 5 or 6 ships, it can be done, but not with 20… for example.

I know the price of unlocking themodules is high, but in the end there is not much i can do about it. It is just the terrible design of the game. Once you played over all the scenarios it doesnt matter if the modules are cheap or not, you will not have honor points unless you start over from the scratch. Besides, the campagin doesnt give you honor points either, so. I could always make the unlock prices lower, but then… it will be too easy. The point of the mods is that you cant jut unlock anything you can, you need to see what modules specifically you need / want before to adventure on unlocking all of em randomly.


Uploaded the Asgard again with the missing loadscreens.