New patch available (1.23)



thanks - that explains it, at least. I’ll go and be annoying in those topics :sunglasses:

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Ok, here we go, I’ve fixed that pesky assassin thing, and also the reported exploit where escape key quits a failed election
latest version is now 1.08

here is a patch for people with version 1.07 … tch108.exe



Latest tweaks:

patch for users of 1.08: … tch109.exe



woww you’re great very hardworking.

I wish I’d be hardworking as much as you :unamused: :mrgreen:


He’s this way on every game. Puts it out, watches for bugs and suggestions, and turns out plenty of fixes. Makes you wish others did the same, doesn’t it?


Ok only a minor fix this time, and stupidly I forgot to update the readme.txt :frowning:
basically 1.10 is 1.09 but with a fix where certain effects of some situations were not loading in correctly. I doubt anyone noticed :smiley:

here is a patch for people with 1.09: … tch110.exe



Some more tweaks today:

Patch from 110: … tch111.exe

Enjoy :smiley:


A very minor patch, to address a bug with the timeline:

patch from 1.11: … tch112.exe



that last patch didn’t work on some intel cards, so reverted as 1.13

Patch from 1.12 … tch113.exe


Ok, there was a crash bug sometimes seen when viewing a voter group. basically what happened is you started a game that didnt use the normal names, but used the Spanish or Russian ones, then saved it, and loaded it back in and tried to access voter groups.
often this would crash. And if it didn’t, everyones names had changed :frowning:

It’s fixed in 1.14:

Patch from 1.13: … tch114.exe


and fixed the graphics thing on intel cards now

Patch from 114: … tch115.exe


Ok, I.16 adds in the political honeymoon tweak (optional), and fixes 2 crashes:

Patch from 1.15: … tch116.exe



Haven’t played this for a while, have changed machines in the interim. Still have my original download from BMT email.
Will this download to the current version or if not, what is the patching process? Upgrade to 1.1, then to 1.2, etc or what?

Thanks. Great game, really looking forward to seeing what the effects of the new changes are.


If you redownload it, you get the very latest pre-patched copy automatically.


It looks like I’m a few patches behind - do I need to do them all sequentially? Or should I redownload the game (if so, how do I do that?). Or can I just download the latest patch?


Either do them all sequentially (I did that for about six or seven patches and it doesn’t take that long) or just redownload the game using the link in the E-mail that you were sent when you bought the game. if you have lost the link, you will need to E-mail your details to Cliff and he can resend it.


1.17 out today, some mod support, and the USA is added, ported from D1.

Patch from 1.16: … tch117.exe


Thanks cliffski, the support for this game is excellent.

One suggestion for future patches (not sure if it’s feasible at all): When you get voted out or you have run through your maximum number of terms in the game, it just ends without any kind of victory screen. I think it’d be really nice if you could have a screen which shows all of the various social statistics (such as GDP, unemployment, poverty rate, Crime, etc.) before you assumed office, and compares them with how they look when you leave.


Hey that’s quite an interesting idea, and definitely doable.


Thanks a lot cliffsky for that you advance “democracy 2”.

Will there be a “Democracy 3” in the future , with some features implemented that were discussed in this forum ?