Re: Current changes (pending next build)









[version 1.54]

  1. [Bug] Fixed bug where AI research could sometimes skip a rung in the research tree and not research the parent tech.
  2. [GUI] Fixed flickering of tooltips on the slot details screen.
  3. [Bug] Sound effects volume slider now works again!
  4. [Content] New mission map: Detroit (216% bigger than previous largest map).
  5. [GUI] Changed the ‘New!’ text so it no longer flashes but is drawn vertically on the slot selector instead, so it is less irritating.
  6. [Bug] Fixed bug where sometimes the backs of company logo signs were flipped.
  7. [GUI] Research link button on the design studio details window now links directly to the car designs tab in research screen.
  8. [GUI] Reorganised the research tree slightly with some more pre-requisites required for certain techs.
  9. [Balance] Increased the research output of the research center, increased price of both research facilities, and increased research cost of some late game items.
  10. [GUI] Added new floating notice that informs the player when resources are refunded from a stockpile if seemingly not needed any more.
  11. [GUI] Hovering over a building zone ‘unlock’ icon now shows as a highlight the area that is contained within that zone.
  12. [Bug] Fixed bug where in some circumstances cars would not sell.
  13. [Bug] Fixed bug where custom map delete button was not working.
  14. [GUI] Added icon to tech tree entries to indicate when they are already in the research queue.
  15. [Feature] New discount scheme feature added to the showroom.
  16. [Bug] Fixed bug where the ‘defects’ vehicle sign could be stuck at the xport slot after exported car was sold.
  17. [Bug] Fixed crash bug involving using commas in car design names. Commas can now longer be entered in the naming window for car designs.
  18. [Optimisation] Reduced size of save game files.
  19. [GUI] Slot picker mouseover now shows the number of each item that is created for manufacturing slots.
  20. [Languages] Added community-provided Slovenian language translation.


[version 1.55]

  1. [Bug] The early-game QA slot now also detects defects during the visual inspection.
  2. [Feature] Added new scenario style: Freeplay with all tech pre-researched.
  3. [GUI] Added menu buttons to toggle slot/vehicle notices and conveyors on and off.
  4. [Bug] Fixed crash on showroom screen with really large number of cars in showroom at high speed.
  5. [Balance] Raised the construction cost of the design studio from $122,000 to $205,000.
  6. [GUI] Added tooltips to readouts at top of efficiency screen.
  7. [GUI] The tooltips for each vehicle in the showroom now show the hours in the showroom, plus viewcount is now total views, not just those leaving feedback.
  8. [Design] The pricing model has now changed. The player sets the fixed price of a vehicle, and it never changes without them. Profit estimates per vehicle are now shown.
  9. [Balance] Increased the price of imported climate control unit from $530 to $780
  10. [Balance] Increased the price of camera component from $55 to $110.
  11. [Balance] Increased price of imported airbag from $110 to $225
  12. [Balance] Increased price of sodium azide from $220 to $440
  13. [Balance] Increased price of alarm from $123 to to $199
  14. [Balance] Increased price of chip from $68 to $99
  15. [Balance] Increased price of leather from, $200 to $269
  16. [Balance] Increased price of lightbulb from $8 to $21
  17. [Balance] Increased price of satnav from $116 to $199
  18. [Balance] Increased price of speaker from $62 to $105
  19. [Balance] Increased market value of xenon lighting from $375 to $499
  20. [Balance] Increased market value of led lighting from $429 to $559
  21. [Balance] Increased market value of stop-start engine from $494 to $675
  22. [Balance] Increased price of imported spoiler from $96 to $175
  23. [Balance] Increased price of imported sensor from $50 to $70
  24. [Balance] Increased price of imported servo from $41 to $55
  25. [Balance] Increased time to manufacture servo from 2100 to 3900
  26. [Balance] Increased time to manufacture sensor from 4500 to 6200
  27. [Balance] Increased construction cost of sensor manufacture from $21,000 to $39,900
  28. [Balance] Increased construction cost of servo manufacture from $28,000 to $46,500


That’s a good and welcome fix :slight_smile:


[version 1.56]

  1. [Bug] Vehicle design screen now correctly re-calculates the price and profit etc whenever an option is toggled.