Star Wars Mod Reloaded! (Unavailable)


also it doesnt seem to appear at all in either the ship design or the races menu


Sounds like you have only the patch. You need the full mod for it to work properly (link to ver 0.3 is in the OP).
Install that first, then over-write with the patch.


that would be the reason. thanks!


Just letting you guys know that I’m not dead and neither’s the mod. lol
I thought I might as well release the the Rebels as well instead of just updating the Empire.
It should be ready sometime this weekend (I hope). I’ll update the links in the OP as usual.
Here’s something to munch on in the meantime:


I’m liking the mod so far, but I’ve encountered a problem. Even though I can design, edit, and save ships, I haven’t been able to deploy fighters into any existing missions. Super Star Destroyers, Star Destroyers, Acclamators? They all work fine. TIE fighters and interceptors? Not so much.

If you have any ideas about why this might be happening (and, no, it’s not on “no fighters allowed” maps) and possible solutions, I’d love to hear them. The mod’s cool and all, but not being able to put up a fighter screen is a little frustrating.


awesome dantalion,liking the new sexy lines on those fishy ships :smiley:

also,sardonic,i dont have any fighter problems myself,so it must be a problem on your end
try deleting the whole mod (or even game if you cant deploy “any” fighters) and make sure you delete all of it, and then put it in again


I thought Mon Calamari cruisers always had sexy curves… :smiley: They just weren’t in the original mod.
Got a bit of a dilemna right now, concerning engine glows. Ships in Star Wars never really had gigantic flamethrower trails coming out of their engines,
but my primary concern is to make them look good. So what do you guys think? Short and stubby like on the Red patrol ship or pointy like on the Blockade Runner?
(ALso better look at B-Wings, Z-95’s, and LAAT Gunships)


I think pointy looks better in general.


i like Warhammer 40k
40k ships have 20+ kilometer long streams of superheated plasma comming out of their drive systems…
but then again,those are WAY bigger than these :slight_smile:

i say give them nice glows,you can only go so far with authenticity,then it gets annoying :stuck_out_tongue:


short and stocky is far more cannon though.


For some reason I could just picture a veteran Space Marine explaining the nature of the exhaust plumes to a Novitiate. :smiley:
Novitiate: Why do our ships leave such long exhaust trails, Brother?
Veteran: Some say that our Fleets appear as a swarm of Comets; heralds of doom to those who witness their arrival. And indeed they are that - but only to Heretics, Aliens
and those who would dare to stand against The Emperor and Mankind. Others would say they are a symbol of the Emperor’s Light, and it is our vessels that bring it to the darkest corners of the Universe. The Tech-Priests would have you believe that the long trails left by our vessels in space is the result of super-heated plasma slowly decaying in our wake.
Initiate: And what do you believe they are, Brother?
Veteran: The only thing you and I need to know… is that they PURGE anything cowardly enough to attempt an attack from the rear.

Also, Warhammer 40K? What’s that. lol

Canon is what I’m aiming for, for the most part but I’ll try to make them look good. Each hull will get glows that fit it best, be it canon or gratuitously pointy. :smiley:
More experiments:


the nebulon looks good…if a bit sideways :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that would be optimal.


That’s how it was in ghoti’s original mod. Seen from a completely vertical perspective the Nebulon would have very little space for any hardpoints, so I didn’t think to change it.


that actually looks much better than i thought it would…
maybe if you made them “slightly” longer while keeping the impression of intense heat right at the drive thrusters?
sort of like making it look like the balls of plasma stuck to the hull really leave some dim trail behind them :smiley:

what i mean could be done by layering 2 flames on each other,one a small intense “blob” and the other a slightly longer one to make it look like its the dissipating gas/heat trail behind the flame


rebels looking good! I hope you include a-wings


yeah if rebels are strong in anything its fighters and shields
as are imperials in firepower and armor
its weird but comes out that its a direct counter to each other,interesting fact since its estabilished even from the movies


A-Wings? Eh, Wings? What are those?.. Kidding, of course. :smiley: A-Wings were the first Fighters I added in when I started.
Also, got their hulks working (see if you can find them all. lol).


Looks awesome!

Two questions:

  1. Will the rebels be their own race separate from the empire?
  2. Where did you get the star trek mod from?

  1. Yes.
  2. Star Trek? Err, you must be mistaken. Those are Star Destroyers. Giant… Cube-shaped… Star Destroyers. It’s an all-new design commissioned by the Emperor himself. :smiley:
    Actually, it’s something I’ve been working on before I picked up where ghoti left off with Star Wars. I plan to release it once that’s done.


I’m pretty surprised that nobody’s done a trek mod for this game until now. A lot of the stock weapons actually look pretty similar to trek weapons…especially the beams (phaser) and the plasma guns (photon torpedoes). It would be awesome if you could find a way to get the Borg cube to use the tractor beams on larger ships too.

I also like those A-Wings. Are you going to include a fighter-size shield module for the rebel fighters? How about missiles/torpedoes/heavy rockets/space bombs for the star wars fighters?