Stargate-Alterans[Mod][Second Release]

Hi guys ( ^-^)/

I was just wondering if there’s any more news on this mod?

I’m a huge Stargate fan so I’ve been kinda floundering around a bit myself, adding some additional ships to Woden’s Tau’ri fleet mod using the Aurora model posted above and one of Destiny created by AlxShipyards and… they look ok… (^ ^; ) although still need a looooot of work (i’m still learning what meddling with the code actually does - this requires much tea and biscuits)

However, seeing the rendered Aurora above etc, I’d happily wait for a mod with awesome rendered ships! Are you still working on it? Any plans to add the Alteran defense satellite? I’d love to see more about this!

(* ^ -^)b

just to point out… I’m not working on a mod for release or anything like that, I’m just playing around because I love SG stuff ^^

Hehe yeah. same here, i’m a huge SG fan, the only difference is that i’m modding :stuck_out_tongue:

i kinda lost interest after SGA ended. i remember that i nearly cried when i found out it was the last episode :frowning:

So I guess you guys are pretty happy about the movie (or movies if it does well)?

The most annoying thing about Stargate Atlantis was the the premature end (at first, the tv show will never be ended on the 5th season) was on purpose, cuz the producers didnt want to have two stargate tv shows at the same time (stargate universe). The bad thing, stargate universe turned out just horrible (its going to end in the 2nd season) and Stargate Atlantis had by farenough extra audience to grant even another season or two and the tv show was producing beneficts. Everything turned off when Stargate Universe started with almost an entirely boring, non stargate first season. Now we wont have either SGA or SGU. lol.

The movies are not bad, but a bit short for my taste, its like if u see a double episode of any stargate tv show. The good thing, the movies finish some points that were missing along the tv series.

Yeah, same- but I do like some of the ideas present in the CGI…

i honestly dont see the problem of making two stargates at the same time.

SGA was the best thing in the whole week. each friday at 9.00 PM i would sit down with snacks and coke and watch two episodes of stargate atlantis. i wouldnt care if the house was on fire. nothing could cet me away from the tv at that time.

and then during the week they would show SG1 reeruns. it was a glorius age… now SGU has ruined it all…

how many movies are there? i think that ive seen one. the one where they find this giant pyramid and stuff… horrible acting, but still quite a quite good movie :slight_smile:

There are 2 movies (Stargate Continuum & Stargate The Ark Of Thruth as i remember). No epic movies, but the purpose of the movies was to end all the missing points of stagate sg1 and close an era of 10 years of epic stargate fun -.- as i said, u need to see the movies just as another double episode (in this case 2 double episodes).

How is the mod coming along?

Same, except here (in australia)- they used to play it every Thursday at 10-ish. It was so good, I waited 4 years for it to start airing again (they stopped at like season 3 then 3.5-ish years later, they started again.).

I can’t download it; there’s an error with all the DDS files 0x80004005 and won’t extract. Does anyone have any assistance to give on this matter :)? I really am excited to get this addon.

I was actually referring to the upcoming Atlantis movie. They’re going to make more of them if it does well (effectively replacing the series they’re not allowed to make). The order of the various movies and series is:

Stargate (the original movie)
SG-1 seasons 1-7
SG-1 seasons 8-10 and Atlantis seasons 1-3 (side-by-side)
Ark of Truth (SG-1 movie)
Atlantis seasons 4-5
Continuum (SG-1 movie)
Revolution (SG-1 movie, unreleased)
Extinction (Atlantis movie, unreleased)

Hmm, i didnt know about the Revolution movie… i knew they canceled another SG1 movie, but i didnt know the name. Besides, almost all the missing points about SG1 were resolved. I cant imagine the plot of another SG1 movie… (the Asgards reborn should be awesome ^^, or the coalition with the Nox and a lost Tollan colony xDD).

A movie of Atlantis will be always be great, if we join all the main guidelines of the tv show.

sgc, im afraid the original mod is made for mac?? and the conversion of the dds files are corrupted?? i really dont know if its a problem of the archive itself or the dds files…

as long as they get the same actors and producers as the series, i think that it will reactivate my stargate hype :smiley:


Same actors, and it apparently is going to pick up exactly where the series finished. No new re-imagining of the concept :slight_smile:

Round-up of all the news:
Details of the cancellation of Universe affecting it: … e-derailed

They do still seem hopeful at least. The entire script is already written and the actors are still willing, the studio just needs to give them the go-ahead.




it sounds a bit confusing right now…

Then how do I get the Mac version? I’m borrowing a Mac from somebody right now so I can use it… the original download link isn’t doing anything. It just waits and says “your download is starting” or something similar, and never changes anything.

EDIT: Actually, when I open the downloads folder, I only see “Decompression failed”. Are any of the issues with this mod going to be fixed any time soon? I am kind of irritated that it doesn’t work… Does anyone have a working version that I can download from?

I am afraid that if the author of the mod doesnt show any sign of life, the mod will be dead soon. I was planning to make a Stargate Mod if no one in this community decided to start one, or if i see that the mod is almost abandoned. I dont think this is the situation, we need to wait a bit , to see if the author say something about it. But if i see this mod is not taken seriously, i am probably starting a Stargate mod in a future, but not right now, and not very soon.

Let’s get a bit of hope and patience, to see if the author make the things clear about the mod and the download link.

EDIT: Checked the download file, yea its broken. So we need to wait to the author to see if he says something about it.

Yeah. Do you by any chance have a working copy that you can send me? The fully extracted working version? PC preferred, but if it’s Mac I can still use it occasionally. Thanks if you do, but thanks anyway for the help :slight_smile:

Sorry, i didnt get to download any version of the mod , only the first beta that the author released , but im afraid i dont have it anymore -.-

Sgc, I’m greatly surprised that you had trouble with a Mediafire link. They’re really rock-solid in my experience with all the most common file-locker services (and several uncommon ones, too).

Anyhow I checked my archives and saw that I did have a copy of eslobo’s mod - the second, updated release. I wasn’t aware that eslobo or any other player had created a separate Mac-friendly copy; this is a Windows “original”. I’ve just zipped it and re-uploaded it for your use:

Caveat: I haven’t played it, so I can’t confirm or deny the problems you have had with it. However, a quick scan of the contents reveals that none of the ships have .dds files created for them to show damaged and destroyed – all of them use the same undamaged, normal image for all three states.

Also, the “ships” folder was mis-named as “shiips”; that may have caused errors too. I fixed the name before uploading it just now.

Just so that you, Nemesis and others are dealing with the best info, mod creator eslobo hasn’t even logged-in here since January 28. That’s nearly three months ago – and he only spent five days here, total! I think you guys may have to take matters into your own hands if you wish to see any of the improvements you’re discussing. You should still P.M. him first, though. If he doesn’t reply to it or doesn’t post in this thread in a couple more weeks after that, be certain to give him full author credit in a “Read Me” file inside of whatever newer release you might later end up working on.