The Most Epic List Of Suggestions Ever! Of All Time! Period! :)

  1. Policies to Merge? - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Plexus. It would make sense to merge Unemployment Benefit and UBI to, for the sake of simplicity, UBI is just UB on steroids. It would also link up with a similar observation of mine, that the lowest values of UBI could be more reasonable ($300 per person). This would help with that. Additionally, if those who are getting UB have to actively search for jobs, would it really boost unemployment all that much? This could be something that could be looked into for balancing purposes.

  2. Border Wall is not invulnerable event (i.e. planes, tunnels, etc.) Border Wall Failure Event - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By TheDenskan.

  3. Has this issue been looked at? State pension costs - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Rabid.

  4. Balance Policy Implementation to make it arguably more realistic and challenging. A way to make the game more challenging - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By jmski.

  5. Explore clean transport and other environmental policies. Car effects should be passed through electric transport transition rather than affect environment directly - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By jmski.

  6. In a way this reinforces my earlier point of requiring more in-depth mod support and to making modding much easier for the general player (and even some veterans who don’t know how to code, like me). Modding tools, modding videos, etc. Modding video - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By siralexh.

  7. Immigration has been rebalanced to a good extent, explore if it needs to be rebalanced more. Immigration in 1.17 - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Nebulix.

  8. Functionality to sort influences by type. Suggestion: Add ability to sort influences and effect by source type - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games. By raxo2222.

  9. Stock dilemma inspired by GME stock. Dillemma and Event suggestions - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By raxo2222. Suggest third option: “free-for-all”.

  10. Code & other issues noticed by raxo2222, for your consideration. 1.126 notes (Early Acces :D) - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By raxo2222.

  11. Should the “Empty Homes Tax” have different outputs? Capitalist v Socialist & Wealthy v Retired? Empty homes tax - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Rabid.

  12. Broken manifestos now clearer, but the deeper meaning of Rabid’s observations, Cliff would understand better. Broken manifesto promise - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Rabid.

  13. Hopefully this issue should be resolved by the introduction of Chinese. Characters failed to display correctly - Windows 10 Taiwanese - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By penguincouple.

  14. Tips for 1.124 & 1.38 and after. Tips for update 1.24 [or 1.25/1.26 ecc…(because 1.23 is almost done)] - Democracy 4 - Positech Games & Suggestions for update 1.38 or later updates - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Franztroll. Having the unemployed as a voter group would be a great idea. I leave the other points to Cliff’s discretion.

  15. Even though I have got no response from this forum member, this issue seems to have been resolved. Feel free to correct me, if not. Game Crash - After naming Ministers? - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By WizardGimple.

  16. Ideas for implementation. Coalition Negotiations exist in a form. The rest are up in the air for consideration. How Many Of These Issues Have Been Resolved? - Positech Games. By PrimeMinisterSoren.

  17. No one voted for the other party - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By kkkael. (FIXED)

  18. Family policies have virtually no impact on gender inquality? Family policies don’t affect gender equality in earnings - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games. By VineFynn.

  19. Game seems to make more sense than it did then. Correct me if I’m wrong. Poor, Middle Class, Wealthy - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games. By Other_Side. (FIXED)

  20. Display bug 1.31 - State Health Service slider - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By steviefaux. (FIXED)

  21. Do the unemployed actively seek employment in game?

  22. Rural Development Grants increase corruption. Full article: A Precarious Enterprise? Multiple Antagonisms during Year One of the Modi Government (

  23. Aggressive Neoliberalism is more effective at reducing unemployment than an aggressive statist approach (Green v Yellow).

  24. Make hyperinflation much harder? Atleast for the US? Or in specific circumstances? Considering the fact that the Fed lent out $29 trillion over a few years to bring the US (and the developed World?) out of the 2006-2009 financial crisis. Layout 1 (

  25. Even well funded and powerful anti-corruption, while seeing some success do not mean that corruption will fall to zero. It’d be great to see corruption rebalanced.

  26. Advertise Discord Community Server More.

  1. Turn off achievements if political power has been turned off?

  2. Have more tax rebate policies?
    Income tax improvements

  3. When Judicial indepence is low Unexplained Wealth Orders should increase corruption.

  1. Have a policy to connect distributors with manufacturers (for example pharmacies directly connected with drug companies)? Reduces interest on inventory stored and hence makes the supply chains more efficient and boosts GDP.

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